At the Bomber game lastnight...

Saw 2 older dudes sitting having a great old time.

One was wearing a Bombers Ploen jersey.

The other was wearing a SSK Lancaster jersey.

I tip my hat to these gentleman.

I always notice that too...when two fans/friends are sitting together, having a great time, wearing opposing jerseys. Happened at the last Lion's game I saw and it's really what it's all about in the end.

One of my best friends is from TO and a huge Maple Leaf's fan..I can't stand them. She feels the same about my Canucks...we have a hell of a lot of fun with gifts for each other, etc. I told her when my son was misbehaving that I was going to make him wear a Leaf's jersey as punishment...she roared with laughter. It just makes for a better time throughout a season if you have someone to rib on the other side.

I use to go to Bomber games with my kids. Thay are all born in Manitoba and I was born in Sask. I am in green, they are in blue and gold.

At on game I started clapping and cheering on one particular play. People looked at me confused. A bomber reciever made an amazing catch. They asked who I was cheering for. I told them the Riders naturally, but I cheer all great plays regardless what team makes them..... they actually started doing the same...

Long live the CFL.

...I'm taking my buddy, a die-hard eskimo fan, to the Labour Day Classic at McMahon....he is threatening to even paint his face green and gold, which might actually be an improvement...

This is a buddy? :lol:

I go to the games with my Dad, my wife, my Aunt and my Aunt's best friend, who is the daughter of 'Indian' Jack Jacobs, one of the greatest Bomber QBs.

She's a Lions fan for every game except for when Winnipeg comes to town. Sometimes I want to strangle her when she cheers for them. So far I've resisted, but, it's tough I tell ya.