At the beginning of the season

At the beginnind of the season i looked at the team and the schedule and thought

the defence, which i admitt i thought would do better, has guys coming in at key positions (safety, corner, MLB)

the offence has a new QB and a new OC. wow that never looks good for the start of a season. going to take sometime to get everyone of our guy on the same page.

Special teams - WOW two rookie kickers and we traded our return specialist.

so i thought what should i expect:

2-2 after 4
6-3 after 10 weeks
7-2 for the second half

really who cares if you win at the beginning of the season ask BC what being 10-0 does for you in week 21+

any post season success, including a home game, will come from the play down the strech. 20 weeks is a marathon not a sprint, and the key to winning a marathon is dont get to far behind the leaders and surge at the end.

here is to the riders running a marathon, the leaders are in sight (a game back with a game in hand) keep pace and surge in the second half.

you are correct...the Grey Cup is won in November, not week six. Would be nice if the Riders could take the next two versus Calgary and vault into first! I figure the riders have a 49.9% chance of winning at the Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field.