At My Risk

I know I come on here at my own risk. This Winnipeg forum is full of buzzards and vultures by the looks of things. But I like the city, the team and the CFL.

IMO when all is said and done Lefors may well be your QB. In fact I was shocked at how vitriolic you all got about him. He won his second game of the year, the highlight of the season, dislocated his shoulder and tried to play through it.

Hes a very smart QB, tough as nails and should be a good fit in Winnipeg. LaPolice knows him well but may be wary of committing to him because of the Kelly fiasco. If thats the case he’ll be released early and picked up by another squad and will shine.

But this guy can play. You saw very little of what he could do before you all desended on him like a he was a child killer.

I predict he’ll be the guy and football folks in Winnipeg will love him. Or you’ll be watching him play somewhere else and be cussing and blaming someone. God knows who, but someone.

The majority of Bomber fans that I know would like to see LeFors at TC to see what he can do under a different offense. I guess it will partially depend on how his shoulder is doing. Hopefully he's rehabbing well and, since it was his non-throwing shoulder, will be okay.

Under the right circumstances, the weak armed southpaw could lead the Bombers, but there will not be very many exciting long throws. Lefors I assume can toss a 40 yarder but that is probably the limit. Me personally I like football for the offense, I think it would be pretty boring with Lefores as yur starter.

Right. There's nothing more exciting than seeing a pivot go 10-24 with 2 picks in a blowout loss.

I wonder to whom you refer. . .

.....LeFors didn't look like carrion to me.....he had his moments....I agree the kid has heart and talent AND he'll get his shot at tc. like everyone else...I hope he has recovered completely from his injury of 09 and that he ends up setting everyone on their ear in training camp...cuz that's what it's gonna take to win the no 1 spot...I'll buzz-off now :wink:

LeFors was, it must be conceded, put in a straight jacket of a horrid offence in which very few QBs could succeed. So it's hard to get an accurate assessment based on just last season.

However, he was what, 0-6 as a starter in Edmonton?

I see him as being a lot like Dinwiddie. . . great attitude, but lacking the skills to be a successful CFL QB.

And how does someone who apparently just joined the forums a couple of days ago come to this conclusion?

Unless "Flag" happens to be a regular posting incognito. ..

Speaking of which, I wonder why we haven't seen housedog's or sanjay's take on the LaPolice hiring?

I was beginning to wonder the same thing...How nice to be labelled before we`re known...somethin fishy going on...

.....hmmmmm could be on to something MadJack....unless he's Stefans brother... :roll:

Artie, Artie, Artie, let`s play nice now :smiley:

No…I’m a brand new guy to add to your buffet.
Just because I haven’t posted before doesnt mean I havent been reading, nor does it mean I dont have opinions. Didn’t know you wanted to keep this a private club of savagery.

Oh not that in the least, you're more than welcome to join the fun flag ! The more the merrier in fact. . .

…WELCOME ABOARD FLAG…i’ll try not to be so vulchar/buzzard like… and i prefer to think of myself as an eagle…who soars above all the name calling…but i guess i can slip off my perch once in awhile…Looking forward to your input… :thup: