At long last, the Hunt group will announce their stadium plans tomorrow no doubt for the FC stadium. Hopefully the politicians of Ottawa will see the light and this will put the end and the nail in the coffin for that turncoat Eugene Melnyk.
Let's get building the new one half stadium soon so that we can get the 9th team by 2010.

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Here is another story from the Ottawa Sun.

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This will be extremely interesting. Both Hunt's group and Melnyk's pitch did not involve city politicians and, from what I've read, city politicians aren't pleased with that. What I think is very interesting and overlooked is the hockey arena in Hunt's plan which may be what sways things in the end in favour of Hunt's group. If city politicians there tell Hunt to take a hike, not only are they out of new development at Lansdowne but they are also saying to heck with the 67's and major junior hockey. And that for a soccer stadium in Kanata? Yikes, not good.

So it's not just CFL vs MLS, football field vs. soccer pitch.

When Bill Palmer went to the city to work out a deal for Frank Clair stadium, he was cast away because he did not have the CFL's stamp of approval yet.

When Hunt and Cohon anounced the conditional franchise, the city was annoyed that they were not consulted beforehand.

There's just no pleasing these people. If you go to them first, they want you to come with something concrete. When you announce something concrete first, they want it confidential. Yet they said all along that this whole process would be out in the open, transparent, etc.

Can't win.

Now one councillor expressed a concern that Hunt and co. should have gone to them first in case there's a mistake in the plan and it doesn't meet certain pre-set standards. They could then retool it before submitting it officially. Fair enough, but the group has been working with city staff throughout and has been at this almost a yearnow. I'm confident that they know what they're doing.

Thinking the same thing CRF, no win. As usual, politicians want to be just that, political, trying to cover their asssss as much as possible. I know that this Lansdowne situation is a bit like the abortion issue but really, I wish politicians all over would start behaving like normal people do.

i am getting so tired of these lazy and bureaucratic politicians. they think they are rock stars or CEOs or something. they are suppose to help the voters and help business’ flourish. not weight everything down and try roadblock progression.

anywho, enough of my rant. GOOD LUCK!!!

Great to see a plan in the works.

Forgive the question argotom.... How is Melnyk a turncoat? Because he chose another sport over the CFL? Cause he lives in Barbados? Melnyk is a decent person, philantropist and businessman. He has a deep love for soccer... that's why he's going for an MLS franchise. To call him a turncoat is a little strong I think - unless I'm missing something...

At this point, I see little hope of this plan going forward. City councillors in Ottawa have proven themselves to be inept. Movever, there is little appetite amongst the “elite” of Ottawa for a new sports stadium. A new gallery? Yes. Another museum? Yes. Another underused park? Yes. But a sports stadium? No! Any stadium plan would be better if it was privately funded on private land…Ottawans may like recreation and hockey, but it stops there…it’s very sad. :cowboy:

There's nothing wrong with wanting a soccer team. What people are miffed at Melnyk for is that he might have chosen to support the Hunt bid and in doing so help obtain both football and soccer.

But I'm not sure that he could have. The MLS wants "soccer-specific" stadiums for their new teams. If Melnyk tried to build that at Lansdowne, then he's competing directly against Hunt. I'd rather he try to build in Kanata if he's going to submit a bid at all.

I think it's the MLS that deserve the bigger kick in the 'nards. Dictating that a stadium has to be specific to a single purpose is pretty bold, especially when there's no guarantee of success.

Bold for sure. Heck, even the mighty NFL is allowing, for want of a better word, the Bills to play games in a multi-purpose stadium in the Rogers Centre. Tells me that either the MLS thinks it's so mightier than even the NFL or that they see their success in the long run only being able to be tied to a specific stadium design.

Melnyk's not a turncoat but I do think he's very good friends with Larry Tanenbaum of MLSE, NHL buds and I'm sure Tanenbaum wants the CFL to go caput to make way for an NFL team for Toronto. I've said this before and have no proof but wouldn't surprise me in the least.

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From the Q&A

What about the ownership group? Are you investing money?
Absolutely. In addition to the $7M franchise fee we are paying to the CFL, the ownership group will contribute millions more to make the project happen. We are looking at approximately $120M in private financing.

How does this private money compare with what Melnyk has offered? Although maybe difficult to compare, apples and oranges, different parts of the city, real estate prices, sports involved etc.?

Ok I get what your saying.... While the MLS wants an SSS to be built I think they are more focused on bids that control revenue instead of situations where the team is renting and has no control of stadium revenue streams. It's not a mighter than thou attitude. When the MLS was created they were renting NFL/ NCAA stadia and had no control over costs/revenue... the best solution was to build their own soccer specific stadiums. BTW, SSS does not mean soccer only - some TFC fans seem to forget that - it just means the sight-lines and design are for soccer. You can still play football, lacrosse, rugby, etc on these fields. The problem in Canada is the size of a CFL field... it doesn't fit into the modern SSS unless you make sacrifices or spend a ton of money building movable sections. They don' have that issue in the US, where the field are more alike, and the NFL/NCAA have their own stadiums.

Melnyk's bid simply caters to what the MLS wants to see... a professional soccer facility (with real grass), owned and operated in a manner that the franchise retains the lion's share of revenue. So far that strategy is working...

Hunt's stadium proposal would not be in line with Melnyk's bid. I don't really see it as a problem.

Melnyk has said his stadium will cost between $80M-$100M, but also wants all levels of government involved to provide it. That puts Hunt group's $120M in private money out in front.

Melnyk also wants the $10M of land handed over for free.

What a debacle.

First, soccer would be a STRETCH to be successful in Ottawa under the best circumstances. Plus, you put the stadium in a remote area of the city (hey, not knocking it, I live in Kanata and love it) with a very small immigrant population.. with transit issues for anybody on the other side of the Greenbelt (Nepean, Ottawa west, Barrhaven, Downtown, Orleans, Cumberland, Ottawa east, Ottawa south, South Keys, Hunt Club, Hull, Gatineau etc. etc.) you are asking for failure.

Melnyk is being greedy, using an out of date model from the 70's that did not work! ie. a sports comlpex in the suburbs. This model did not work at all. I'm not even going to give example because there are so many. The movement is downtown locations! All new stadiums are being built downtown, with success and understandably so.

Ottawa is a hockey crazed city, and the Senators for a long time had trouble selling tickets (nevermind sell outs) due in LARGE part to the location of the rink. So why would those issues disappear for soccer? A remote location, further removed from a large immigrant/ethnic populace (which would be a large number of fans) would be a disaster. If you can't sell out a 20,000 seat venue for a sport people are rabid about, what makes anybody think they can sell out 30,000 to a sport that is way down on the food chain in Ottawa sports. Soccer will have a hard time in Ottawa, it will have no chance in Kanata. People always talk about the atmosphere of Toronto's soccer team.. I can promise there will be no atmosphere in Kanata, there's no natural flow to and from the stadium... its just people getting in and out of cars in massive parking lots. No walk up from the surrounding bars, or spilling out into the streets after for celebration. It will be a dead atmosphere, something that is an attracion for Toronto's soccer team. Another strike against an already long shot. If only there were a downtown location that the soccer team could also use...

The Kanata location is ridiculous. If Melnyk would team up with the CFL Dream Team all things would be great. But he's too busy puffing out his chest. Lansdowne is ideal in every single way. Easily accessible to every one in the city. Beautiful location. Exisitng infrastructure.

Lansdowne is the only logical place for a stadium right now. Its a football mecca. And it makes more sense for soccer.

I don't mind soccer being in Frank Clair, as long as they know they are the secondary tennant.

Can't wait to walk to Lansdowne to watch a Riders came on a crisp autumn day (like today) and crossing the Bank Street bridge taking in the atmosphere! Let's Go Riders!

The concept oughta cater to just about everyone in Ottawa, from what I can see. They probably aren't counting luxury suites, tailgating section, etc, but 25,000 as the planned base seating capacity seems a little low. I would have thought they'd go for 30,000.

Anyway, It'll be good to have Ottawa back into our football family.

Looks like a great project. The aquarium looks very cool.