At least you'll still win the Labour Day Game

I come home and find myself shocked at the score…what the heck happened?

You’ll still win the Labour Day Game though, trust me.

Which year? :o

Not a chance this gutless team wins on Labour Day.

You guys haven’t scored a TD at home sice July, you’ve gotten blown out many times this summer, you’re having a team meeting today…that spells trouble to me on Labour Day.

I guarentee a Cat win.

Thanks McMahon! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If the Cats don't win, I won't post here for a month.

Damn I wish others would make that promise :smiley: TO, you're a real class act. Thanks for that. Don't stop posting. I enjoy your posts. :thup:

lol, thanks.

I'm just confident in the Cats' chances.