At Least Winnipeg is trying to make changes

TSN is reporting Charles Roberts to BC for Joe Smith

Yea and I'm predicting Timmy Chang will see action soon and beat the cats before the end of the year.

Only in Hamilton have I ever seen a fourth string QB on a bad team be regrded as the second coming of Russ Jackson.

Give it a rest guys.

We have a lot of fourth stringers who are better than our first stringers. The problem is the coaches wouldn't know a good player if they hit them on the head. We cut or trade our best players to boost the western teams....

Hey als4ever, your right GIVE IT A REST! I for one am sick and tired of listening to all the football experts regarding Timmy Chang, anyone who says his desire to play was a downer has to be nuts, EVERY PLAYER wants to play !!! Every player wants to be in the right situation to play and every player wants to succeed. Point blank my friends this team made a mistake not keeping Chang. And if more here knew anything about the game itself that would be realized, I have tryed to explain my thoughts on systems and I suggest you all take a look at sucessful teams systems to understand why a Timmy Chang type QB will succeed. Why has Calvillo accomplished what he has, and why did Kerry Joseph win it all last year. Coaching and playing within a system that has a chance to succeed is why. Right now our coahing staff runs as fearful as Printers does at the on coming rush. The blame lies in the plan, who ever wrote the play book and who ever is to stubborn to change it. Mobility means a QB that can move to the required spot on the field to execute the designed play. Its great to have a QB that can avoid pressure however only if there is a breakdown should that ever occur, from what I watched again last night from a team that not once used the running backs as an outlet tells me loud and clear there is NO HOPE for this teams offence therfore no hope for this team. Lay off Timmy Chang, wait and see, I have a feeling your in for one GREAT BIG, I TOLD YA SO

A desire to play is just super.
But its what you do when you do play that matters.
Chang stunk that's why he went from second string to fourth and then released.
Richie Williams took advantage and that's why he's still around

Given the Ticats record of
a) not recognizing talent.
B) cutting some of their best players
C) Releasing outright players that have proven to be good if not great players

I am going with JustAFan on this one. It's a matter of time. Just a matter of time.

Exactly tcfan, no fan could truly be putting thier trust behind this coaching staff we have here now, could they??? By not taking a wait and see additude on Chang or any other player we have released or traded Zontar is telling me that he blindly follows Charlie and companies plan to rebuild and restore this team to its once past glory. It is true Williams earned his opportunity rightfully, sadly from a fans point of view it was due to the three stooges approach to offence by our coaches. Hike hope and run does not work, and that is all thats wrong with this team, we have had the players here that can win, but we have yet to find the coaches.