At least it wasn't sold at a garage sale!

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On another thread, some one stated that you could find these at a garage sale this past weekend. I was at the United Way garage sale at Mohawk College and didn't find one but I see this popped up on eBay!

10 bucks US for a free mascot bobble-head?? Ummm I think I'll pass.

At least some people managed to get a bobble-head. Paying $700 per seat for two season tickets doesn't guarantee you one. If you went and bought 1 single game ticket, then you were guaranteed a bobble-head. Crappy marketing and another kick in the nuts for loyal season ticket holders.

I saw one guy who had like 10 When he Left.
Wounder how that happened..

Bobble heads are dust collectors

I saw several people both before and after the game carrying around several.

They should have given them only to kids under the Jays do.

On a related note, due to a soccer game, I wasn't able to get to the game earlier enough to get one for my two kids (who sit in Box J with me). Two very fine gentlemen (without prompting) turned and handed their two off to my more than thankful 12 and 6 year old.

Whoever you were...thanks lads!

That was nice of them :thup:

:roll: sigh.... all you had to do was get there early.... table was full of them.... I guess some people aren't happy unless they have something to whine about..

It was a bobble-head!!! And not even of an actual player!

Who the hell cares!?!?

Good god.

The difference is that I have to come in from Toronto for every game. Sometimes traffic is a factor. All you have to do is ask your mom if she can start up the minivan and drop you off early.

awhhhhhh. would the baby like stripes bobblehead?

you can get the bobblehead at the ticat store for 14.99. don't both buying this off ebay.

I think you people all missed the point. It's not about the stupid bobble-head. I didn't get one and I couldn't care less, but I can certainly understand Cossack's frustration. There have been a number of promotions this year where buying a single ticket will get you a hat or a shirt or any number of other perks. Those promotions all overlook the season ticket holders. I realize that they have season ticket holder appreciation night, but most of us don't win anything. I think that is why Cossack is frustrated.

My wife and I arrived at our seats (4 season's)a few minutes before the National Anthem to find them occupied.

After pointing out the obvious, we got to sit in 2 of the four (no matter my nephew and his friend who usually attend couldn't make it that day).

A young man in his early 20's sitting beside me was kind enough to SELL ME 2 of the 4 bobbleheads he had for $10.

He was having a hard time carrying them around anyway.

I don't have a problem with not getting one at the sugestion is this...

Why not give them away for pick-up as you leave the stadium with your seat ticket? Make them available after the end of the game at a separate place away from the gates. (this could have been done easily when everyone was standing around waiting to go on the field to meet the players)

Many got broken while at the game.

Really???.... Well...I got ya beat.. I come in from Courtice, ON.... the OTHER side of Oshawa... So don't give me any crap about distance or traffic cuz I know all about it. Maybe I just plan better.

Hey, this would even guarantee that people are in their seats to witness the entire 40-0 blowout that seems to occur quite often at Ivor Wynne. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I like this idea. I don’t know how many times I go to sporting events on give away days and see piles of broken/unused/forgotten items in the seats on the way out.

.....And I might add the wrong mascot. It should have been TC. Not the cheetos wanna be

all of the season ticket holders will get thier's at the end of the season( a 25% reduction in ticket price's for next years rebuilding season).

If you planned better you wouldn't be living in Courtice.

Bobbleheads make good targets for pellet guns at half time during Grey Cup parties. Just kidding.