At last we will know.

In the Toronto Star this morning there was an interesting article by Damien Cox, the headline read "Argos need new coach, new direction next season." The Argos have lost six straight games and will not make the playoffs this year. The article suggests that a new coach, new ideas are a priority for the Argo's. Cox goes on to say that the Argo's can't afford to have another season like this and that they can't possibly afford to bring back Matthews. He suggests that the club needs to be reduced to a blank canvas and then aggressively rebuild with young talent.
I think we in Hamilton have experienced some of all of the above during the last several seasons. Our problem however was one of not being able prior to Bob Young to keep our talented free agents, Argo's problem, more likely is the result of the team that has suddenly become too old. Hamilton now has another problem. It is too young. In addition, Hamilton has gone through several management and coaching changes. In the department of management Toronto has the edge, since they have seasoned, individuals such as Rita along with a strong scouting program in place. Their challenge will be in finding new coaches, should they choose not to go with the current group. However, I feel that their biggest challenge will be in finding enough talented young players who can mesh together quickly to play winning football.
Our offensive and defensive lines are poor, because we have not been able to find the talent necessary to improve them. For years, we have struggled to find adequate receivers and defensive backs. We now see another team, the Argo's facing a similar dilemma. This will present us an interesting opportunity to see whether all those things that we've been told that require time to fix are indeed true. If in the off-season the Argo's decide to fire Matthews and the other coaches, go out and find a new coaching staff, recruit and find new young talent and next year are a competitive team which makes the playoffs then we will know that there is indeed something seriously wrong in Hamilton.