At last, a Football Fix

The Sixth Annual East-West Bowl,

a showcase of players eligible
for the 2009 CFL draft.

The West has won all five meetings

At McMaster University in Hamilton

Game on Saturday May 10 at 4:00 PM.

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Might have to be played on
the adjacent soccer field, eh?

Funny.... haven't Ti-Cat fans figured that the fix has been on for the Argos for years? :slight_smile:

This should be fun.

no fix for me. Its like giving a coke addict a toke.

I don't understand. Why isn't this game being played before the draft? Or is it for players for next years draft?

A little confused..............

Next years draft.

Why so early though? Why not have it after the Vanier Cup? Then you know who could be drafted after the season is played.

Tiger Dirt,

I think it would great to have a “Canadian Senior Bowl” in January where they would invite the best CIS and NCAA seniors, but unfortunately they don’t do that it way. The East West bowl is the best we got.

If you ever become a multi-millionare, give me a call, and we rent the Rogers Centre in January, and we see if we can organize something :slight_smile: