At first.....

I was thinking what the hell is wrong with Nicholls ? Then I realized I would take Matty over Trevor harris anyday. We did win. Both Qbs had new faces to contend with and dropped balls AND they were dealing with two not so shabby Ds… I remember guys who cheered for Ottawa that weren’t too happy with Harris. Yes he has some dynamite games but you never know when that rookie look will come back.

We haven’t got that killer instinct. Even after we cut the Esk’s throat we still should have drawn and quartered them. Points in our division and all that. Whatever the excuse, make them remember the thrashing and do it again. Too much nicey-nice and glad handing. Starting to remind me of soccer. Enough BS. Play mean. That’s how champions do it !

Lucky is a nice pickup. Good on the scouts and too bad about Oliviera…why do we have such bad luck ?

Atta boy Dan......I totally agree.....Letting the other team hang around and not putting the finishing touch (some prefer the 'boots") to the opposition, rankles the hell outta me....This isn't tiddly's football....I don't know if it's the coaching and they tell Matt to 'ease up' and don't take chances (sure way to lose) or is it that he just takes it upon himself....You have to play lights out till the final whistle and if anyone was watching the Stamps/Leo's game last'd have a prime example as to why you do.... True champs play with a 'prickly edge'....we have to adopt that

Well, at least there are two of us who know. :wink: ;D

Indeed. Especially since ticket buyers pay for 60 minutes of football and not 59. That’s also why I think just taking a knee to run out the clock at the end of a game should be flagged as an unsportsmanlike conduct foul. It’s unsporting because you’re not playing the game. Loss of down would be the most appropriate penalty. The unsportsmanlike conduct rule is already on the books; enforce it!

Bingo ! That makes three of us. ;D