At A CFL Game, How Much Do You Spend & On What? POLL

Not including the cost of the tickets, how much do you spend at CFL games?

For me :

  • $10 for parking (Hamilton),
  • I buy a piece of pizza and pop in the first and second half ($15 total)
  • An Ice Cream ($5)
  • $5 in 50/50 tickets

So, all told, I spend about $35.

The amount I spend will vary. If we take the train then it's zero on parking.

BTW, the answer I put is for myself but generally including who I go with, it's roughly double that.

Generally we'll get a drink each and usually a popcorn to split.

It varies, we buy all of our alcohol and cook our own food at the Tailgate. Probably $30 on Tailgate drinks, $30 for Tailgate parking and $5 on the 50-50.

We’ll usually buy the kids popcorn in the stadium but we try to limit our spending in the stadium due to the prices, quality and small portion sizes in the stadium.

4 beers 32.00 + tips(8.00) = 40.00
pregame 2 Shawarmas 30.00 :thup:
2nd half popcorn 5.00
50/50 10.00

total of about 85.00 for 2 of us depending on what we eat. We arrive an hour early to relax and take in the sights of IGF… :rockin:

$ 9 on 2 bottles of water .

In Oct or Nov it is hot chocolate.

I do not buy stadium food.

$20 on 50/50, a pop and maybe some food depending on game time so it's really $20 to $40 (never exceeds $40). One thing for sure - Stadium food sucks. brihind88 you aren't missing anything lol

I disagree. I LOVE it! :lol:

I rarely get much free time to do a tailgate or anything- more often we're coming in at the last minute after work or something. Usually about a beer per quarter and some food- that gets me right around 50 for most games.

If I have a bit more time before the game, me and my brother will pick up a pizza and drink a few beers and eat pizza before we go in. That's more in the $20 range.

I take out a $20

I buy a burger and water. That's it for the entire game.

Parking is free! :rockin:

Go-Transit - $18
BMO Beer - $12
Concession - $10
Total: $40

I'd say that's minimum... more expensive that going to the 'dome, and I'm not too fussy on the concessions...