At 5-5: Eight games to go

Tough schedule for the final stretch of games; what do others think on the outcome?...ect.

Two against Hamilton - SLIT
Two with Calgary - SPLIT
Two with the Lions - LIONS take both or?
At Montreal - MONTREAL
Home to Sask. - WIN
Of course 10-8 is possible....9-9 is 50/50 [if split with Lions]...thus 8-10 [I don't think the Esks can beat B.C.]
Final result: 8-10 season/with a trip to McMahon for the Semi-Final.

Nice thing is, Winnipeg and Hamilton continue to struggle. A western Crossover is a good possibillity..... How about the 100th Grey Cup be a "Battle of Alberta"? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That could come into play also...Eskies do hold the crossover spot. The way this season thus far being so tight at this point; I wouldn't be surprised if it came down to the final 4 games of the regular season for play-off positioning.

I could seriously see us going 2-6 with our only wins being against Ham and Sask at home. Three things need to happen: 1. Boyd needs to be released. We have no use for him, and he has no value. 2. Crandell needs to be fired. 3. Joseph needs to be benched and then released at the end of the season.

I'd agree with that, only thing is that you don't know if Crandell is the real problem or are the QB's that bad. Right now it might be easier to get rid of Crandell. Maybe we could get Chaps back?

Chapdelaine from BC? Offence was horrible under him. No thanks. In the two years that Candrell's been here, the offence hasn't impressed. And now with a string of garbage QBs on the roster, it's even worse. I say fire Crandell, release Joseph in the offseason, and go on a major hunt for a real QB.

That looked like a real struggle for Hamilton today......

Good thing i forgot about the game and was busy doing important stuff... like getting ready for a huge party... At least I can drink my sorrows away tonight after looking on the website and seeing such a score. A game I thought we would win, what a disappointing outcome. EMBARRASSING. I read the column and it said we had the god damn lead! What a joke of a team. These Eskimos are looking like the Bombers in regards to Offense. @&*&#@^(*YRH*@&#^#%&^@(^(*@(*^(*YD+@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x :x :x

After the blocked FG for Hamilton TD - Buriss ruled the day.

Wrong, they are looking worse than the Bombers. Time to send Crandell packing.

After losing 52-0 and 44-3, no one's looking worse than the Bombers. :lol:

In going against BC at home and against Calgary on the road in the next two games, we better win at least one to stay in the hunt for the crossover I say. Calgary is our best shot, as we lost close to them twice.

At the end of September, we would then be 6-7 then looking at the following:

Hamilton --
Revenge is essential and we should run up the score on them too; this game is on in the US on NBC Sports Network

Saskatchewan -- Winnable

@BC -- Loss; on NBC Sports Network

@Montreal -- Loss, we can't run up the score early enough to manage the rest of the game with them; they run it up early on us and we can't catch up

Calgary -- MUST WIN; on NBC Sports Network

We would then be 9-9 and that should do it for at least the crossover. Don't count on it at any worse.

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. At the end of the season Jyles and Joseph will be traded or released except Nichols; for now Joseph stays in at back-up and we return to the running game and game management under Jyles that kept us in close games that we won most of the time. Jyles is who he is, and we have to work with the best that we have though it's not very good.

The Esks have 3 QBs, none of which is a good CFL starter. I'm sure that if Tillman didn't know this back in July, he hopefully realizes it now. We're in a very bad position, in that other teams are gelling and improving, and the Esks are not. In fact, it appears that they are regressing. I agree that Crandell should go. I disagree about Jyles though - I still think that between Jyles and Joseph, KJ has shown better confidence, leadership, and pass accuracy especially deep.

Injuries from the game; DE Lee Robinson is out for awhile or longer with a severe Quadriceps injury. Matt Nichols took a hit that dazed him, thus the Eskies are saying an upper body injury [could be his neck]. O'Donnell is close to a deal as per the Edmonton Journal; The OC could be under the gun, although Campbell on twitter says now changes until after the season; then again if not a good outing vs B.C. at home, perhaps give Baressi the playbook and let him tweak things.

We are 5-7 now, with six guys on the defensive line out to leave a thin defensive line that will likely be very tired by the 4th quarter, it’s looking more like 5-8.

Going for 8-10 to make the playoffs on a crossover is dicey and requires help from others.

Also when looking at the roster, do you realize we have only 6 active receivers?

Note that the roster in the link above has not been updated for Capiciotti and Howard out now.

To be fair Charles is a major portion of our receiving game as the check-down option or otherwise on the screen pass.

It looks like otherwise we are in great shape at OL and at DB.

What ever happens in Calgary will be what it is; next week at home vs Tiger Cats is the must win game. Eskimos lose in this one will be an unhappy EE nation for the call in radio talk after math.

From reading the papers in Edmonton, I think Nichols might actually start against Calgary. If so, I am all for this. I would rather lose a good game with Nichols than win a bad game with Jyles. I honestly think the players want to play from Nichols from what ive heard and read. START HIM PLEASE! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Nichols starts only because the other two are hurt and only due to that fact.

Even if either of the other two were healthy, this is a very tough game to win.

Anything could happen and Calgary could even poop the bed with even all their starters, as they have been known to do, but we are looking with high odds at 5-8 and have our backs to the wall and essentially be in a must-win, but even so winnable, situation to beat Hamilton and Saskatchewan at home and then BC on the road.

From 5-8 to 8-8? That's difficult for sure, but it's not impossible with Jyles and more of the defensive line back.

But if Nichols lights it up?

Do you really think Jyles and Joseph are hurt enough that if they were actually decent at doing their jobs they would be sitting out? No. They wouldnt be. If Nichols starts, its definitely not because they are BOTH too hurt to play. It will factor in, and it may be the reason given by Kavis, but in my mind, it isnt the real reason at all. We all know Jyles cant play a full game, we had the game against BC in the bag last week and Jyles came out like his usual inept self in the 2nd half and lost us the game, along with Crandall being completely idiotic (but thats a whole other conversation).

I think the players are tired of playing for him (Jyles), and i dont blame them. Its Nichols time to hopefully shine TONIGHT, and put this garbage QB named Jyles to the curb.

Heres to hopefully our future QB and im hoping he throws 3+ TD passes with 300+ yards, kind of like Ricky Rays debut in 2003. :smiley: