At 2 and 2......

At 2 and 2....I'm a real happy guy.
To go into the Al's house......and hold them to 21 points. Let's not forget, our Cats went up against a team that has CRUSHED all other teams, they have played against, thus far.
A lot of postives so far, with our Cats in 2009. :thup:
( What a refreashing difference.)


Agree 100 percent. :thup:

Well, that does not seem to be the way Bellefeuille sees it.

Here's an excerpt from the latest post on Drew Edwards' blog:

Ticat head coach Marcel Bellefeuille wasn't interested in moral victories in the wake of his team's 21-8 loss at the hands of the Montreal Alouettes last night.

"We came out here to try and win a football game and we didn't do that. We weren't out here playing for respect," Bellefeuille said last night.

The coach said a number of miscues contributed to his team's downfall against the Als.

"We played hard and we gave ourselves an opportunity. But whether we dropped footballs, whether we missed blocks, whether we missed throws, we didn't execute well enough," he said.

It's good to know that Bellefeuille knows the importance of getting winning games in addition to winning respect. But I will say that I'm not too disappointed considering how the team did against a Montreal team that is currently considered easily the league's best, and with that built-in excuse of missing a few starters, some of whom are among the team's best players.

All in all, it sucks that we lost but Im proud of our guys. The defense showed a lot of heart and played tough. Unfortunately, the offense just couldnt punch it in the end zone. I think were going to beat B.C next week.

Bellefeuille dosen't want people's pity. That's normal I think. Much better a coach who believes he can lead his men to victory than what we had last year...

I'm curious to see who he gives the ball to at QB next week. Based on his comments if he's honnest he has to turn the ball to Glenn.

I agree with Hamilton H/C. If you want to beat this team you need to play better. He wasn't going to Montreal for respectable loss he was going there to win. Marcel seen his team play agaisnt the top team in the first quarter and the second half. They had a chance to win that game. Without drop balls, a poor snap and a miscue inside the 5 we could of won that game. The coaches see the improvements of this team and now making them accountable for 60 minutes. This is a positive for the team and realistic goals for them to achieve. Keep up the good work Marcel and the remainder of the coaches.

Yes you are correct, we got beat by two touchdowns, didn't score a TD and they ran up 500 yards of offense against us!!
We are still behind Montreal and Toronto in the standings and only one more win than Winnipeg.

In all fairness, we had the best team in the CFL and the Argo's had the second worst team in the CFL (bombers are still better than argos).

How did you come to this incorrect conclusion???

Yes, puzzling. LOL

I guess 50 net yards in a game was a performance threshhold. LOL

IMHO we could be 4 and 0, or 0 and 4, just as easily as 2 and 2.

think we finally got a great coaching staff finally and it shows especially with greg marshall's defence. i said last year especially with taaffee's staff we lacked tons.
2-2,, and as long as we keep progressing by labour day this team will be in a good spot.