Astros to be World Series champs?

5-0 top of 3rd, they are looking good at this point but lots left in this one.

Four hit batters in three innings; one guy's been hit twice. What a strange game.

[ol]- Astros to be World Series champs?

Hope so.[/ol]

Has Lasorda passed out yet?

No question. Yeah, Lasorda doesn't look the greatest with his health issues but he's still kickin' and good on him, all the best to him.

Friend of mine went to spring training in Florida about 10 years back. Lasorda was still a cling-on with the Dodgers due to his legendary status - but my friend said he was continually falling asleep on the bench - - - - - 10 YEARS AGO!

Congrats to the Astros. Going into the playoffs I was cheering for Cleveland or Houston to win the World Series so I am very happy with the result. Game 6 has to be considered as one of the best, if not the best, World Series games of all time!

Cool their shortstop Correa proposes after the game. That was priceless, good job there sir!

Would he have dumped her if they lost? :wink:

Probably not, she was a former Miss Texas I believe afterall and not really dumping material perhaps. :wink: