Asterisks for the Stamps****

I think the rushing and recieving titles by Reynolds and Rambo this year deserve asteriks.

Reynolds beat Cates by 81 yards but Cates missed 3 full games plus basically another full game as he left 2 games at the half. Reynolds beat Cobourne by 360 yards but Cobourne only played in 11 games.

Rambo beat Simon by 55 yards but Simon missed at least 2 full games.

Matter of fact you can say the Stamps first place finish deserves an asterisk as well considering the injuries the Saskatchewan team had to endure this year, and the Stamps beat them out by one game. 8)

What are you going to continue to cry over your loss? Just think the Grey Cup Champion 2007* riders are now past! Get over it.

How about this "Rambo best receiver in the CFL" or " Reynolds the best Running back in the CFL"

  1. Calgary *

By that logic, we'd have to go through all the previous seasons and put asteriks beside all the leaders. Injuries happen, get over it... :roll:

LOL I see you found a new site to troll on good for you. Gostampsgo no longer allows you to troll there now so you found a new playground.

the only thing that is accurate in your post is mentioning that Gostampsgo is a playground.

Here come the injuries again......

Yeah Priesst. That is a weak argument.

If Wes Cates deserved the Running Title he should not have gotten injured.

By this logic, Lumsden should be the Rushing leader . . . but he is not.

Well I live in Calgary and all I ever hear is how everyone else always should be asterisked, so, I thought the Stamp fans would appreciate the concept. 8) I've already heard that Calvillo should be asterisked for winning All-Canadian QB.

edit.....this is not about the riders

Your villiage called.... guess what they are missing! :lol: :lol: :lol:

priesst thats is hands down the stupidiest thing i have ever heard in the game of football. you get asteriks for doing steroids like bonds. not because of injury. the fact that reynolds and ranbo and both in the top 3 derserves the respect they get for winning injuries or not. its a part of the game so go hide in a corner until next season ok.

You could agrue that if Cates got more touches when he did play, he could have gotten more yards. He did have a chance at the rushing title, so Renyolds earned it fair and square. Same for Rambo. Your assuming on "what ifs", and you don't accumulate stats on assumptions.

The mayor of Regina is missing??

lol I kid, I kid. :slight_smile:

The stupidest thing I ever heard was all the asterisks being handed around last year for Saskatchewan winning the Grey Cup cuz Glenn was injured [see post #2 on this thread and you can see the asterisk is still there], as well as Joseph winning MOP cuz he was "the only QB who played in every game" and the asterisk being handed out this year to Calvillo cuz "he plays in the East Division" Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. :thup:

Sounds like this gentleman needs a towel to cry in. I have to agree this is best trolling thread I have seen in a long time. You are going to continue this thread about injuries yet again. I thought we had enough injury stories this year. You will find most of the rider patriots will not agree with you. And yes ther have been * put on the 2007 GC champs but the last time I heard it was all in fun. Seems you did not get the memo. So you go ahead put all the asteriks you want on Rambo and Reynolds but like the 2007 Grey Cup Champions it does not change the fact now does it. Move along nothing to see here. LOL

i got nothing.

The asterisks for Rambo and Reynolds was all being done in fun, to bad you seem to have taken it so seriously. :rockin:

Yes I guess you and some of prider nation will need to get some knew Burris slogans.
Like Burris always chokes* Or Burris can not win the important games* Burris Sucks* See the pattern there.

Sure in was done in fun but the better rider fans of this site called you out and now you like to cover it up. Nice!