Assistants and Coordinators

I know it was talked about in a couple other threaads, but I thought it probably deserved its own seeing as it is going to be a pretty much new staff.

So the club has landed

  • Jackson as a QB and passing game coach/coordinator
    –> Way over due
  • Craig Dickenson as a ST coach
    —> Turned down his brother to hit up Regina…says a lot of what he thinks about eorkign with Jones IMO. A great pickup, he is a top end ST Coordinator.
    —> Hated to see him go, but Cory McDirmid landed the coordinator role he deserves in Edmonton. I think he has a pile of potential.
    —> Dyce landed ST Coordinator for the RedBlacks. It makes sense that Jones needed to push him out in the situation, but I was hoping there would be a home for him in the front office. He is not a super ST coordinator IMO, but he getsw by. He was a respectible OC. Players love him and he is just an awesome guy. His knowledge of the Canadian Draft is second to none. I and really really glad he landed something quick. He was simply the victim (both of these guys were really) of cruddy circumstances.
  • Ed Philion
    —> Mike Sinclair is actually a solid as hell coach. I wish him luck, but Phillion is definately more about high octane…I like that

Am I missing someone officially announced? I feel like I am.
Quick I guess…is shelf life as a DC has expired and he is back to the Als as a LB coach. He seemed to do well as a positional coach in the past

From Facebook - Jacque Chapdelaine OC, Justin Chapdelaine Offensive Assistant have cleaned out their lockers. Likely OC Stephen McAdoo will settle in with Chris Jones.

Riders new OC - Stephen McAdoo, great hire and staff so far 8)

Pardon my ignorance, but who is Stephen McAdoo??

Yup...looking like the 100% moveover of Esks staff is looking very much of by one as they become available. Make you wonder who is going to cross for players!
I am really hoping there is a tight relationship with Chambers, WOJT, Sewell, White, Grymes...I am sure h will snag up 1 or 2 players anyways

Just wonder when Jones is going it incorporate the EE into our logo.

Was Esks OC. I personally am a little torn on him. I don't think he is a sensational OC, but if Jones and him work well be it I guess. That is coming on on half the staff...supposedly all are coming over. Honestly....I though JC was better.

The way I look at; A clean house is in order, thus out with the 2015 old school staff. New slate Riders staff with Chris Jones in 2016 - the way it should be in Rider Nation :thup:

Oh, don't get me wrong...i get the clean house thing and why it is happening. There are some guys departing that probably didn't need to (ie Dyce, Cory M), but Jones needs to put his people in there and start fresh. Sometimes that can mean a lateral move or even a downgrade for overall improvement. IMO that is the situation here. McAdoo is by no means a poor OC, and he is in fact still growing a lot as one as he has only been at it a couple of who knows how much more he will progress...but here and now I would not put him in the top half for OCs in and around the CFL....not saying that he won't get there though.

True enough depop, Jones looks for qualities in people that fit his system and thus all of the staff grows together and out of that the players on the field have proven that. They feed off each other is what I found out watching the last six games the Eskimos played and resulted in a Grey Cup victory. On that note - Chris Jones will also be the DC :smiley:
Press conference at 1:00 PM to introduce the Football Operations Staff.

I'm wondering if he isn't related to Ben McAdoo who is OC for the NY Giants

(Edit - guess not, Ben McAdoo is Caucasian :oops: )

WOW. The rumors of Jones picking the EE clean are coming true.

I will hold off taunting the EE fans I know, until we beat the living crap out of them in the playoffs. If EE makes the playoffs. Ha :rockin:


This is my first post on the league forums and I am happy to find more Riders fans to talk to. I have been a lifelong, born and raised, Saskatchewan fan. I bleed green through and through.

As for the topic at hand, I am very optimistic about the new coaching staff as it brings with it some continuity. There is always an adjustment for a team and its players, when a new coaching staff comes in. I believe it will help though, that the coaching staff itself has so much familiarity with each other and will not have to worry about meshing together, while implementing a new system with the players. Hopefully this can help the turnaround to move along quicker.

So what took you so long to find us? :wink: Welcome aboard :cowboy:

I couldn't find my bunny hug and watermelon helmet to venture out into the cold. :smiley: Thanks!

Was surprised to see our Special teams coach gone, he was the only bright spot last season… and Dyce got a bad deal, I liked the guy, time will tell with this new coaching staff!!

Dickenson was here before as STC and did pretty well I thought.

From what I see, I don't think 1 coach or assistant remains from last season, complete overhaul, I seen this last season, mostly all new faces on staff, and I seen where that got us, hope this is better this year, JMO

IMO it is a lot different to bring in all new coaches when it is a new GM/HC than when it is the same coach. CC also was only able to bring in his 4th or 5th pick as DC...everyone else said no. Why say no...probably as soon as they were told that he would be running the D they laughed...that was the single biggest messup of the entire season.

Markus Howell, new Riders Receivers Coach. Baron Miles goes west to the Eskimos.