Assessment of new players

Please add your thoughts on the following players :

Mccants - WR ( Does he look as good as his resume , has he had many passes therown his way )

Harden - LB ( Does he look like he can handle this position or is Glasper or COX much the same )

Matt Clark DB - He looked pretty good to me ..maybe he can bee a keeper ? UCLA background is good

Cody at safety - anyone think he is suited well there or maybe better suited for outside LB ?

Hodges and West - are either on of these guys providing much pass rush or reason to say they are a keeper ?

Wayne and Bekasiuk - same question as above .

Overall I think this team has great young Canadian talent but really no good canadian veterans . I also think their american talent is by far the worst in the cfl .Most our reciveing corps , dlineman , and db's would not make any other cfl team other than cody and Armstead . The two American o-lineman are good .

Davis had 2 holding penalties last week, and Woodard was beaten numerous times.
I disagree with your assesement that our 2-American O-Lineman are good.
I think they need to play much better!

Here's my thoughts on a few:

McCants - WR: I remember him from his days with the Skins and he was fast, had an amazing verticle, struggled a little with his consistency catching the ball but always made the big play and had a nose for the endzone.

So far with us he has been tripping over his own two feet and hasn't been targeted very much. He does have the ability to stretch the D, and in his first game I saw something that I thought we would see a lot more of. We threw the ball up and let him try to go up in and get it. On that play, he drew an interference penalty that led to a TD.

Harden - LB: Personally, I miss Renard Cox.

Matt Clark DB - I don't think anyone in our secondary has "looked good" so it's impossible to tell. Clark didn't seem to get beat that much last week though....and he has pretty good closing speed. (At least from what I could see on TV)

"The two American o-lineman are good." - Not sure what game you were watching, but Woodard got beat all over the field by Stewart. It was embarrassing. Also, it seems Davis is too big and too slow for the CFL game. Our offensive line really struggles at times.

Oh yeah…and we need to stop moving guys around in the secondary. Pick a line-up and stick with it! Let the players adjust to the position…for example, Cody didn’t look great at Safety, but I think he needs some time to learn.

I’m getting sick of seeing guys playing different spots, new players in and out of the line-up…enough is enough…there is a reason we’re having so many breakdowns.

Bang on AMG. The constant revolving door of DB's doesn't allow anyone to adjust/learn their positions.

Thanks AMG for the great info ...