Assessing Bombers @ Calgary upcomin'

I’ve been thinking about the Matt Nichols soap opera. You know what ? I have to commend him. At least he said something instead of towing the line. If the team was cruising along at 8-2 I could understand the uproar but this team is declining and fast. Now I wish Bighill would say something about the D secondary.

Calgary didn’t have a bad first half, they had a bad first quarter. Second quarter they had 2 drives, one resulting in a TD, the other ended up in the missed FG to end the half.

It’s clear our co-ordinators were outcoached. The Calgary front was able to take away the run option with Harris. They slid in a DL in the lane when Harris would release out and Davis gets two picks. Then the secondary locked down the receivers downfield, helping their Dline get pressure and hits on Nichols. Vs Hamilton at home Demski played a part early in opening things up for Harris as the game went on, he couldn’t figure things out this weekend.

Hall’s D was “looking good” but facts are facts, but that benefited from two against the Argos with Franklin at QB. While the Stamps secondary was locking our receivers down, the Stamps receivers like Jorden and Michel were making a lot grabs in open space. We couldn’t muster a pass rush. And you can’t even say they took away the run game because Calgary was having so much fun passing they stopped running the ball until the very end.

It’s not all on the coaches. The players still need to execute. Nichols missed Adams a couple of times deep when Adams had separation. He connects on one or two of those it’s a much closer game. Defensively players looked lost. I’m not sure what Bighill was doing or was being asked to do, least effective game for him as a Bomber IMO. And someone put out a missing persons report for Jeffcoat and Okpaulago. The Stamps tackles seemed to be able to push them wide each rush. I don’t miss Westerman and his penalties much, and most games the guys we have are OK, but it’s big games like this where Westerman’s experience was an asset. And in the secondary, I’m done with Sayles personally. I just don’t get it. He’s had a pick or two but his coverage ability is just not good, or worse than the rest of our secondary I guess.

One TD and a missed FG is hardly a shining example of a good first half but that’s just my take.

And I have said in several posts that both Ott and Cal abandoned their run game because there was 400+ passing yards available.

BLM had bad passes and some dropped passes in the first half. Cal was not playing their usual way.

Unless our HC makes some changes, we better get ready for more of these types of discussions.

First off, a correction to my post, Calgary put up a TD AND a FG with a missed FG as well. But your point it understood, on the surface it doesn’t seem like but it’s how the quarter unfolded. Each team had only 3 drives apiece in the second half.

Bomber drives - started the second quarter after the fumble recovery by Loeffler in Calgary territory. We had a 2 and out in about 90 seconds of time on the clock. Second drive moved the ball about 40 yards ending in a FG. Last drive inside of 2 minutes we had a first down and then the first of Davis’ two picks.

Calgary’s first drive took 6 and 1/2 minutes off the board driving, nickel and diming our D for 70 yards, 5/6 passing, and a TD. Calgary’s last two drives occurred in the last 2 minutes of the quarter, getting one FG and missing another after the pick. The drive with the FG moved about 40 yards downfield.

First quarter was a dud for the Stamps. But the second quarter? If you put yourself in a position to get points each drive you get, mind you one was set up by an INT but, that’s good offensive production.

….and that td in the first half came from Streveler not Nichols…

AND you’re right Dan…there’s going to be a lot of discussion in the next little while…

Our first TD did come from Strev but I was talking about Calgary’s TD. Easy enough to misunderstand. I was answering Wolverine’s post.

And until we turn this fiasco around there should not only be a lot of discussion but a lot of changes either players or coaching decisions. Alas, I’m not very optimistic about either happening.
If we were at least trying new things and losing, I would be more hopeful. We’ve been here before and I didn’t like it then.

I knew we were beating under 500 teams but we were playing really well too. Now we have retreated. We need change but I’m sure it won’t happen. That’s why I’m down.

I get the despair from Dan and other fans. The last few weeks haven’t been encouraging. However I’m not quite as down I suppose, though still frustrated considering what this team did last year. The way the season started kind of foreshadowed that we were going to hit a few hiccups this year. Adversity is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, Calgary’s breezed through the season each of the last two years and been beaten in the Grey Cup by .500 teams. Main thing is that this hiccup doesn’t last much longer and the team, players and coaches, start finding some answers. It may not come in the LDC, a game we’ve traditionally had a hard time winning and even looking competitive some years. The Banjo bowl then IMO becomes the key game for our season. If we can’t reverse the trend and win that game, our season will effectively be over.

Exactly. I don’t get the whole “throw in the towel” attitude many have hit. A season is full of ups & downs, we can for sure hit an up at the end…we just have to get there. Lots of time to right this ship.

It just seems many of our fans could use some level headedness.

Washington on the outside & Adams on the inside. Let’s see how that goes.

There are only a few ‘throw in the towel’ guys but I am leery. We have all seen this team’s reluctance to act and we are still seeing it. Changing Lankford for Washington is not gonna turn everything around.Get some NFL cast offs ! Play some backups ! Look what happened when we HAD to play Streveler. If Nichols had not been hurt, does anyone really think we would know how good Streveler is.

If you read the anonymous quotes from around the league in Kirk Penton’s recent article on the Atlantic, something he used to do for the Sun papers, there was a comment that was interpreted to mean that perhaps teams will have a harder time luring NFL cuts North of the border with the competition from the new league forming in the states. With the way that league is looking to keep players close to home and offering more money and potentially a starting job versus a PR spot to start with in the CFL, this could very well impact the quality of player that comes up this year. I’d like to see if they can find another good defensive end personally.

When you couple that with the fact that few NFL castoffs really come up and have a big impact on the end of the season, I think the improvement will have to come from within. Good news is that the way the roster has played the last few weeks, there’s a lot of improvement to be had.

The “good” old-fashioned airlift that’s been the mark of futile Argonaut teams since the mid-fifties? Well I dunno…

When you couple that with the fact that few NFL castoffs really come up and have a big impact on the end of the season, I think the improvement will have to come from within.


I’m not trying to be facetious and I respect your opinion as it usually parallels mine own but how bad Calgary does in GCs does not make me feel any better about the Bombers. Unless you are saying I should be hoping to meet the Stamps in the GC ;D.
Also, how many years of adversity should we put up with ?

The way we played those last two games has left a very rotten taste in my mouth.

You are giving them two MORE games to turn it around. I can live with that.

Dan I get where you’re coming from and I feel your frustrations. I just happen to see it a bit differently. The last couple of seasons we finished 11-7 and 12-6? Those aren’t futile records. But it didn’t get us anywhere. And meanwhile the teams winning the cup have been .500 during the regular season. And just as an example, looking at 2017, despite finishing 12-6 we were essentially a .500 club. I’m just saying I’m less concerned about our season record as long as we’re trending in the right direction. A mid season drop of two games like the last two weeks leaves a bad taste in all our mouths, for sure. We’re down on our offensive production in those two games, yet the Bombers still somehow have the highest scoring offense on a per game average in the league, about 1 pt/game better than the Stamps. Defensively we’re still 3rd worst in points allowed, which is a big concern.

I don’t feel I’m giving them two more games but strongly believe whether we make the playoffs this year at all hinges on getting no worse than a split vs the Riders. Winning both games would be a massive boost, but I’m not holding out much hope for a LDC win as we usually stink in that one. But the Banjo bowl is a game the Bombers have played much better in and a must win IMO. If we lose both games, the Riders move up two games on us in the standings with a game in hand and win the season series. Barring a major swoon by either the Riders or Esks down the stretch, both unrealistic I think, then it’s highly likely we’re not finishing any better than 4th in the West and praying for a crossover.

The last two weeks were definitely not trending in the right direction. I see what you’re saying and I agree. IMO the main problem is the D. We better improve or let heads roll. If our D can stop letting other teams traipse down the field then our O will have more time and more chances. I am not down on the O as much as the D. Harris and Mitchell had field days against us and Jorden broke a Cal record. That’s all on the pass coverage. Our pass rush suffers when the field is wide open too. The D is on longer and the O doesn’t get warmed up.

Agreed, however I would ask the same of our Coaching staff, some calm level headedness.

The lack of same in the quick confidant decision to re-insert Nichols when:

[ol]- the game was out of reach,

  • He just came off injured and we are told he is our #1,
  • He is wearing a knee brace for perhaps the first time in his CFL career (risk assessment please?),
  • Strev was 4/5 and
  • The crowd was rightfully pissed (both biologically and attitudinally) after a truly crappy effort[/ol]

lost many of us.

Or, in Bomber Blogism, WTF was N’Os thinking??

‘Biologically pissed’ is a new one on me. I like it !

I’m with Wumper. Mos has continually made bad decisions. I put two losses this year directly on him. Maybe MOS is taking this player’s coach thing too far. I have wondered that, along with others, a few years ago. Putting Nichols back in was one of the more stupid things I have seen any coach do… I also wonder if the last two game soap operas with Nichols is a smoke screen to deflect the attention away from what I consider the real problem, pass coverage.

I agree. Pass coverage is the Blue Bombers’ worst problem.


…Actually finding and signing better players is the weakness…Rigmaiden was supposed to fix that…Haven’t seen that so far…One of our high draft pics has been released down south…Gray could be a very good signing BUT is the O Line a big problem of concern…Right now I don’t think so…receiver and db’s are in my book…We’ve just brought in a defensive end Gerald Rivers…maybe there’s going to be a shake-up on the D Line …which was supposed to be one of our strengths…??

…Wolverine brought up a good point about the new league waving money all over the place to keep players in the states…Could Gray entertain that league for big bucks…That would hurt and something to ponder

I know and like the fact we go after the big play interceptions and when we get 3 a game we usually win and don’t take mind of the yardage put up but interceptions are high risk- high reward. I still remember Rod Hill snagging 5 in a game !..I don’t like zone coverage. With us it looks like every play is zone. Opposing receivers are too open. Something ain’t right !

Hard to argue that. I think our pass coverage has steadily gotten worse though since the start of the year. Thinking back to the opener with the Esks, we gave up a few big plays but at least our DBs were on the receivers. Last week vs the Stamps they had receivers with open space around them all over the place.

Not to excuse the secondary, but I also think that they have been a bit exposed by an underwhelming pass rush the last couple of weeks. BLM wasn’t pressured in the pocket much at all. But regardless he still had open receivers to choose from. Doesn’t help that Jeffcoat’s hurt.

Personally, I still don’t like Marcus Sayles. It’s no surprise to me that last week he lead the team in tackles and the week before he was second in tackles to Bighill. Teams are starting to pick on him and it’s working.