Assessing Bombers @ Calgary upcomin'

Not all bad news. There are 4 possible outcomes for me - and 3 of them are pretty good for the football team and its many fans:

  1. Winning - anyways, anyhow. Always a good thing. Even if they’re up 29-0 at the half and end up 29-28 winners. A good thing.

  2. A Tie - hard fought game where one of them ties game on last or 2nd last play of reg. time and can’t settle a winner in the OT drives.

  3. A hard fought loss - being in the game, making sport out of the Calgary defense, at least as much as the Calgary offense makes sport of our defense. Losing by 3, 6, 9 or 12 with a good effort - moral victories don’t get 2 pts - BUT they set up the rest of the season’s 8 games!

  4. The only negative outcome - a complete and utter thrashing by the Stamps at McMahon, their fans tormenting Rabbit Ears Nichols to no end, lots of bomber turnovers, no real efficacy on defense and continued woes on offense. Mike O’Shea looks like a taller, bermuda short clad version of Tim Burke by game end.

So thats not too bad it it. 4 outcomes - only 1 detrimental to the bombers and their season of hope . . . . . . . .

going into Calgary after the Stamps have lost is a scary thing for any team. I will be surprised if it is very close.

It’s going to be hard to watch.

BLM 25/42 452 yards 3 TD’s 0 int’s
Matt 29/44 258 yards 1 TD 2 int’s

Your Honour, We rest our case…

And about 100 of Festus Nichols’ yards coming in garbage time when Stamps players had their smartphones out to watch Ariana Grande concert . . . . while playing defense!

Bomber One, help me out.
What can I take away from this game that gives me hope?
QB, RB, Head C decisions, DC 's schemes, …what?
Maybe the half time adjustments, or perhaps the surprises we threw at Calgary in the second half??
Yeah, Lyles not going long on this bunch, give him a few reasons he should…

Not from this game. I agree it was a letdown but for one the canadian players we have now is an improvement from the past. Second I feel we are far too impatient and blame this coach and some of the staff for past failures. We couldn’t get anyone to come here but now we are seeing that change a little. Third I like the fact that these players don’t give up like we had a few years ago that would just lay down. We still have a long way to go still needing more talent. Our defense is still too inconsistent. We could have won more games with a better defense because our offense for the most part is scoring. Which we didn’t have just a couple of years ago. The only one I see that might need to go is Richie Hall after this year. I just don’t want to see major changes like the past. That just makes it worse.

The only reason the Bombers looked half good was that Cal. played like crap for the first 30 mins. After they adjusted and changed their tact (I wish MOS would do that) they walked all over us. My oldest son, who doesn’t watch football at all and knows little about it, said after the game that he thought the Bombers lost because the Stamps were able to throw and catch with impunity. He kept asking why the Cal receivers were always so wide open.
I don’t think firing Hall will change the talent, or lack of, on the field.

I’m a fan and I support/defend this team BUT it’s hard to defend this type of play.

I’m afraid we have another long year of frustration in front of us. The stubbornness of our HC is tragic. We knew he was like this at the beginning of his tenure. Nichols came along and took all the negative attention away for a while. It’s back !

Bomber 1, I don’t think you are a troll no matter what anyone says. You are a devoted fan with hope. I think you are brave to stand up to the negatives in spite of all.

Thank you for not thinking I’m a troll. I still feel we need to stay the course even if it hurts. This year didn’t start off well but feel we are headed in the right direction. Our Canadian players are better than what we had in the past. We have made strides even if the Wins and Loses don’t show it. I really don’t feel we need to fire MOS right this year or make major changes to coaching staff. We still need more talent yet especially on defence. MOS win percentage for 2014 was .389 2015 was .278. 2016 was.611. 2016 was.667. 2017 was.667. I’m not giving up on a head coach who came in a rookie that has shown me some upward progress till now. I want to give him this year and the next.

MOS has the ability to make changes, he won’t. Mos has the ability to call the right plays, he won’t.

A captain going down with the ship is honourable and all that but the ship still sinks.

I will give MOS to the end of this season. If he continues to be stubborn, then so will I. I don’t feel I can watch another year after this of his refusal to make changes when needed.

My son who does NOT watch football could not believe that MOS didn’t leave Streveler in and then was dumbfounded that he wouldn’t re-insert him when we were stagnating.

Again, most of our O problems stem from the fact we have a porous secondary. Cal had the ball for 5 mins more than us. Reverse that and it becomes a 10 minute difference…Get some NFL cast offs and cast off some of our guys. Loffler looks like he playing hurt.

Calgary may have played like crap in the first half, but it was Winnipeg’s D that caused that. They were super in the first half.

Second half? Not so much.

The run defence was still excellent throughout; so I wouldn’t tinker with the D line or the LB corps.

The secondary does need work. I don’t have a lot of confidence in either HB; on the corners Randle may be past his best before date, and Fogg doesn’t belong on the other corner, he should be moved inside to one of the HB spots.

And what’s become of Loffler? He seems like such a pale imitation of what he once was; is he battling injuries or something? He just doesn’t seem like the same player.

We tend to mock Sask coaching…
Look at yesterday’s line scores.
In the second half they lock down BC, figure them out and hold the lead.
Look at N’Os, PLOP and I can’t even type his name’s second half…
After holding Calgary close, even going to the half ahead, we get into a horse race in the second half.
Wow, do we make adjustments, Calgary puts up TWENTY in the fourth.
That’s coaching, and we don’t have much.

Our D had nothing to do with the bad passes BLM threw in the first half and almost nothing to do with the more than few dropped passes by cal receivers.

The run defence is excellent but the other teams don’t test it. Why bother ? There’s 400+ passing yards available.

If I have someone watching with me who doesn’t care, watch or understand the nuances of football and he tells me what he sees is wrong with this team and HE’S RIGHT, then I have to pay attention. Everything my son said was logical and obvious even to a neophyte, him. He even called out MOS for not keeping Streveler in and then for not re-inserting him when it warranted. He knows absolutely nothing about the machinations of this team. He only knew that MOS was our HC. Before the game started he was even making fun of me for watching football. It was almost like a ‘out of the mouths of babes’ moment except he 30 years old and taller than me. ;D

Loffler looks like he is playing hurt. That’s all I know.

We don’t get too many sacks because the ball is already thrown to a wide open receiver. If we get players who know how to play pass coverage and are good, most of the other problems will diminish. Nichols will have more chances and time.

You can take away the same things from this game that you can every other game the Bombers play.

The coaches are good for a half of football and that seems to be their limit.
The offense continues to go through long stretches of two and outs, when you can’t flip the field, you’re in trouble no matter who you are playing.
The offense relies on a couple players, Harris and Adams, having monster games, if they don’t, the rest of the talent level just isn’t there to pick up the slack.
Rich Hall should have been gone a year ago but somehow the HC can’t see the forest for the trees, even Adam Bighill can’t hide the warts.

Now you have the starting quarterback calling out his receivers and the HC calling out the players in public. The beginning of the end has already started for this bunch whether you want to believe it or not.

The only questions that remain is will Miller clean house and bring in some new football blood from south of the border to finally start to build a real football program instead of a second rate organization that has, in recent history, been satisfied with castoffs and a very low bar of success.

Seriously, did you really think that the Bombers could win a championship with Matt Nichols as starting QB? Calgary has Mitchell and he even he couldn’t win the last two against Ray & Burris.

The Bombers need a real football guy in charge as GM and a star QB before they can end their GC drought.

That’s the conundrum. Is it the coaching or bad players ? Would our secondary be better if they had a different DC ? I’m at the point where I believe it is both.

Wow, I was thinking last night, and didn’t post it today, that this team is a 30 minute team. If game times were cut in half we’d be a dynasty.

Loffler playing hurt bothers me in more ways than one. He was a “killer” in his earlier incarnation - now he’s basically a “miller” - lots of hepped up emotion but basically a chaser that avoids heavy contact!

Can’t see changes being made in the near future - even if Wad Miller decides to hold a couple rah-rah meetings amongst his coaches, scouts & managers.

Randle is getting ravaged in the secondary, same for Fogg. Fogg’s return play has also been effected because he knows he’s up agains faster men in pursuit. Barely getting 2 or 3 yard returns off. Leggat has a great history but while still a gamer; he can no longer be hidden in coverage - he’s been exposed for lack of game speed, his only real asset is his game knowledge & superior tackling ability - he’s the 2nd best tacker on D - behind only Bighill. (fwiw Santos-Knox is #3)

Yes, Nichols just a hobo who “Eddy Haskelled” his way into Winnipeg fans hearts & minds. Almost succeeded until his cover was blown - by rigor mortis play! Just a note that Drew Willy was the first Eddy Haskell guy in recent times - even looked like Eddy Haskell with his dead-eyed expression.

Nichols now a poison fungus on a team that cultivates the commodity.

Just think that the bombers could have had their choice of a number of excellent prospects in the last year or two. Antonio Pipkin, for one. Matt Schlitz, even Vern Adams. But Walters & Miller got a hard-on for Nichols because he got a brief rub from Wally Buono & Mike Reilly. And when Winnipeg CEOs/GMs get a hard-on for someone they immediately reward such dudes with ginormous contracts (Willy was over $400k, Nichols approaching $480k)

Love to see a QB roster of Streveler, Pipkin, Bennett & either Vern Adams or Kevin Glenn.

Speaking of Glenn, like to see him consider an offensive coordinator or assistant position in Winnipeg when Plop or Buck get taxis called to take them to the edge of town.

But the current lineup of football slobbery is a heist to every good-thinking football fan in Manitoba.

Miller - no experience, Walter - green as grass, poor track record in recruitment & drafts, O’Shea - green as grass ST coach w/ a big rep as a dirty OLB, Plop - failed head coach who’s afraid of most players, Hall - purest deadbeat hobo in the league right now, even behind Reinbold.

O for the days of Drowsy Joe Mack, VP of Standing Around Jim , Lord Lyle Bauer, Count Poop Ross Hodgkinson, Brendan Taman, Garth “Radio time salesman” Buchko, David “Stadium-Generating Software Guy” Asper, etc. On second thought - yukkk!

I tend to agree. Appears guys like Plop & Hall are really bored in the booth - can’t keep their analytics up to snuff - too often seeming to be mailing it in.

If it walks like a duck…you know the rest.