Assemble your coaching staff for 2015

The QB carousel begins. The question is, how many will fall off so the organization can save face?

Whoa! A clustereff indeed. Higgins handed the job well after the other teams had their staff in place.
An OC fired halfway through TC replaced by Dinwiddie who was Quality Control.
Three consultants within a week. Then firing the Receivers coach and giving it to one of the Consultants (Shonert).

Oh and Smith, we want you on the 6 game IR. Brink your starting even though you are not really any better.

Is this a Monty Python movie we're all witnessing?!!

This once crème de la crème of a CFL organization has quickly become a candidate for Barnament Bailey's Three Ring Circus. :roll:

Kids are back in school in a few weeks. I would not be surprised one bit if AC is named the HC of this football team when they come back from the two week western trip.

I love AC, you know that, but he has never coached a down of football and we're going to make him head coach of a club in need of a rebuild? I sincerely hope that doesn't happen. I'd rather Higgins get fired end of season with a handshake deal in place for Anthony to step in as QB coach once everyone else get bumped up or released (Dinwiddie cut loose, Garcia promoted to OC, etc.).

I"m not saying I agree with it :wink:

Just that I think its something Robert Wetenhall would do.

Tom Higgins has been a disaster!
Their whole offensive scheme has been a mess.
Please make this stop.
This club is the 2013 blue bombers all over again.

To me, it looks like they’re trying to protect Marsh and Crompton from failure by giving reps to the guy, apart from Smith, who’s gotten the most reps so far, which is Brink.

But the optics of firing your only black offensive coach and demoting your only black QB in the same week are not great. Brink has been just as bad as Smith. Not sure what Higgins, Dinwiddie, and Garcia see in him at all.

I don't understand it either; Brink, at 9 for 23, has actually ben worse than Smith.

Hmmm... I think its more about not running out of Quarterbacks. If they blow through 3 or 4 of them and still can't get the offense to improve (not talking about excellence here) then all lights shine on the HC...

As for Smith they gave them the six games I was hoping for and he showed very marginal improvement if any. He refused or was unable to improvise and run with the ball, change launch point... There are other factors obviously but what can you do.

Yep. I like that Marsh is being kept away from this nonsense. It's cold to say, but you may as well throw Brink to the wolves while Crompton gets up to speed on the playbook and Garcia and Schonert settle into their roles.

As for Smith they gave them the six games I was hoping for and he showed very marginal improvement if any. He refused or was unable to improvise and run with the ball, change launch point... There are other factors obviously but what can you do.
Agreed on that count. Herb said in his latest Gazette piece that besides the knee injury, Smith was still experiencing pain from the injury to his non-throwing hand AND that he may have rolled his ankle in the Edmonton loss. So there is at least some factual basis for the team wanting to 6-game him.

Should Smith be taking all the heat for the poor performance of the offense so far this season?
I am not saying he does not deserve some of the heat, but who is calling the plays?
Has the playbook been designed to utilize Smith's mobility?
Have the receivers been running the routes properly?
Have the receivers dropped passes that should have been caught ( London and Bowling had a couple this past game).

To me, plenty of blame to go around. Starting right from the top with Wettenhal giving the HC job to Higgins and then Higgins selection of Worman only to be fired halfway through TC.

This has been a clustereff from the end of last season.

Smith did not play this poorly last season when Berry was OC.

Those are facts... :thup:

No, he shouldn't be taking all the heat. . .but a large portion of it.

What mobility? We haven't seen any of that either this season or last. As I have said elsewhere, Smith has never shown anything with us to indicate that he is some sort of running, scrambling QB like a Damon Allen or a Kerry Joseph. Even if the playbook has not been designed to utilize Smith's alleged mobility, we should have by now seen at least a hint of evidence that he actually has any mobility, such as when the pocket collapses and his receiver is covered. . . then a running, scrambling, qb takes to his legs and makes something happen. Anyone ever seen Smith do that last season or this? Didn't think so.

Likely not, hence the Campbell firing. But I can't comment really, as I don't know on any given play what route was called.

Yes, particularly last game. That said, more often than receivers dropping passes that should have been caught, have been the times when Smith has been wildly inaccurate, over and under throwing repeatedly.

Oh there sure is. But Smith doesn't get a free pass because there are others who have screwed up royally. He's messed the bed all on his own quite enough that his demotion is well justified. Overdue, in fact, in my opinion.

No he did not, but on the other hand he didn't play great either. Again, as I said elsewhere, last season he varied between mediocre and adequate. I want better for my team. Smith's 30, he is what he is, and what he is isn't good enough. Will anyone we plug in this year (Brink, Crompton, Marsh, someone else) be any better? Likely not, in this trainwreck. But Smith isn't our future for sure so it's time to cut bait. Personally, I hope he refuses to go on the 6 game and asks for his release; I'd gladly accommodate him.

Troy Smith not at practice today. Here are the Top Ten possible reasons:

  1. Long lineup at Tim`s this morning.
  2. Thought this was a bye week.
8) Staying home to watch Oprah.

7)Went to La Ronde to work on his target practice.
6) Fed up with those damn school bus rides to Parc Hebert.
5) Protesting being called an International.
4) Cant stop giggling at Tom Higgins 3) Studying the names of all the new coaches. 2) Couldnt stand to watch Alex Brink make a fool of himself.

  1. Allergic to Jeff Garcia`s cologne.

MadJack as I started out my comment, Smith does deserve some of the heat. But my opinion, not all the heat.

The receivers were horrible last game against the Esks. London had 2 dropped passes he should have had. If he hangs on to them, continues the drive and who knows, maybe actually get into the end zone before the game is late in the fourth.
Bowling, had one dropped pass (or can not recall if there was another) he should have had.
Carter the same.
If any of these three make a couple of those grabs, who knows.

Has he run so far this season. No. Did he last season, more so than this season.

Under Berry, the offense with Smith was nowhere near as bad as it has been so far this season.

Worman in until midway through TC. In steps Dinwiddie with 0 experience as an OC.
And it's not like the HC (Higgins) is much of a help.

Again, Smith has not helped himself. But the Esks game was not his worst.

I would much preferred to hear that Higgins and Dinwiddie were being benched at this point. :wink:


And I agree with you. There's lots to go around. But even considering the total mess we're in, I do believe that Smith has to take a large share of the blame.

Agreed; in that last game, the blame for the ineptitude in our passing attack is 50/50 on Smith and the receivers. The two previous blowouts, however, well that's like 75% on Smith (and Brink for his 9 for 23 showing).

More so? I suppose so. . . but not appreciably much; certainly not enough to conjure up visions of Damon Allen or Kerry Joseph types. That's why I don't get all this talk about Smith's alleged 'mobility'. I haven't seen it.

Agreed. I don't think it was all that great, it certainly wasn't. . .but it is a far cry from this season's disaster.

People have to be realistic. Richardson and Green are gone or at least out. That leaves two rookie CFL receivers Stafford and Johnson, a never was Deslauriers, a never will be Bowling and a talented but immature and aloft Carter.

Whitaker not at practice either - don`t worry no Top 10 list.

Not practicing - Johnson, Bourke

Practicing - S.J. Green, Bear Woods, Mitchell White at field corner for Chris Smith

Crompton taking 2nd team reps.

Info above from Herb & Didier.

Marsh was a feel good story last season after the BC game, but I always found his technique to be awkward. Im curious to see Crompton because I think hes our only in - house hope.

Troy Smith has arrived at practice with a brace on his left hand.

Mr. & Mrs. Whitaker about to become parents.