Assemble your coaching staff for 2015

If you listen to Higgins absurd presser after the loss, I swear they must have handed out ribbons and orange slices to all the participants after the game. "Great job men, nobody quit this week!"

Then they went back to work on Sunday and played musical offices. Sorry Coach Campbell, the music stopped and you don't have an office, you have to leave. Turk, so what if you've never coached receivers, they're all yours. Looking forward to seeing how that works.
And finally ( for now), please notice that we no longer employ a minority coach on offense. The players are very aware of this fact.
Nobody REALLY expects us to beat Winnipeg or Sask. We'd like to steal one of them, but heaven forbid we lose to Ottawa at home to fall to 1-8. :roll:

The eternal optimist in me hasnt given up on making the playoffs, but then again I still expect Angelina to dump Brad for me. In other words Im probably delusional.

But I do want some sort of foundation laid for next season.

The coaching situation has to be determined. Is today`s shuffle possibly laying the groundwork for Schonert or even Garcia taking over as Head Coach?

And we have to determine if we have a QB in house. I personally dont think we do, unless it is Crompton. But lets find out, and if not go after LeFevour in the off-season.

If it is a lost season, let`s get something out of it.

No coincidence IMO that a day after Erik came to the defense of Chad Johnson and a week after the leaks that Duron was not working hard... that EC was let go. Higgins has a reputation as a No Fun "pastor" kind of coach who dislikes anything resembling anything that is not "like him" going back to his days in Edmonton. He was the wrong fit for this team in many ways so I'm not surprised that the first guy to bite the bullet was an assistant who had half a season left on his contract.

I think you have a better chance Brad deciding to pay child support for 11 kids than you do seeing our team turn it around :wink:
How are you with large groups of kids ? :lol:

Well, I have no idea about whether or not some or all of the following will be F/A this coming offseason, but if they all were, I'd look at :

BC's John Beck
Edmonton's Matt Nichols and/or Pat White
Hamilton's Dan LeFevour
Toronto's Trevor Harris

Helluva scoop for sure.

At minimum at least there is more clarity which is a good thing. Garcia may become a real coup.

Madjack...if you've ever seen Pat White throw he may make you think Troy Smith is precise.

Don't forget Mich Gale IMO more interesting that most of the above...

Harris and Nichols have both signed extensions. And Beck and White being CFL rookies still would be tied up for their option year. Im not sure of Drew Tates status but there are his arm issues.

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Most often in the CFL fans are calling for the backup QB to play. Here its so bad people are calling for the backups of the backups of other teams, who I'm not even sure they know anything about.

I know Lefevour's refused to sign an extension in Hamilton. Mitchell Gale I believe is also a FA at year end, at least at this time.

OK, so good on Birdwatcher for scooping the Campbell release. I don’t know if any of these moves will make a dime’s worth of difference, but AT LEAST there is a clear chain of command here. Garcia is QB coach, Schonert coaches receivers, Dinwiddie is the OC. Only one consultant (Matthews) on staff. It’s not much, but it’s a start, hopefully the beginning of better things.

Edit: Also, this change puts an end to the absurd possibility of Garcia playing QB for us. Phew.

@TSNDaveNaylor: RT @DidierRDS: I'm told that Troy Smith is no longer the Alouettes starting QB. Alex Brink will start Saturday vs Riders. #CFL

Don't get this at all. Has Brink been any better than Smith? Nope. At least Smith had that one good outing against Winnipeg (minus the turnovers).

9 for 23 Alex Brink ??

Gag me with a spoon. Never liked the guy.

If we’re going bench Smith (and I don’t have a problem doing that, his performance this season warrants a benching), I’d start Marsh or maybe even Crompton.

Smith isn't benched, they want him on the 6 game list, (no practice)

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS 6m
The Alouettes intent to put Troy Smith on the 6-game injury list, but Smith doesn't want to and he isn't too pleased with the situation

CFL Official Feed ?@CFL 12m
UPDATE RT @DidierRDS: I'm told that Jonathan Crompton is now the number 2 QB behind Alex Brink and Tanner Marsh is third.

They've completely lost the plot. Higgins said the last loss was not on Smith but now is trying to claim a fake injury (that's what it is) and place him on the six game list. They don't have a frackin clue what they are doing.

This morning's coach's meeting

Checkout Herb's comments

Don't know that the injury is necessarily "fake", it could be something that Smith thinks he can play through but Als want to let heal; be it from medical preference or simply to loo at some others. I say this because I assume/believe the Als could be some trouble if Smith objected to the IRL and an independent doctor found no injury. That is not to say that lots of hangnails don't end up on the 6-game IRL, but usually those are players whose option is IRL or get cut and who don't have a strong probability of getting picked up and PAID somewhere else.

That said, I am not claiming that they have a frackin clue in general at the moment.

Given his apparent "lack of fondness" for Popp it must be difficult for him to contain his glee at the cluster this has become.

This is officially a clustereff. But the tiny silver lining here is Crompton moving up the depth chart.

Might the 6-game IR move be related to the persistent knee injury Smith has been battling since the start of the season? I know it looks like a roster cheat to hide him on the 6-game but he may actually have a legit injury that the Als think is worth shutting him down for. Smith hasn't really been running at all, and it may be that the coaches feel that an immobile Smith isn't going to make the team competitive.

OTOH, when I am the one trying to drum up positivity on this forum, you know we're in trouble... :smiley: