Assemble your coaching staff for 2015

Food comments GHT; I think we can also add Paul LaPolice to the list.

I don't think Noel Thorpe should be in consideration for HC positions until he's proven he can do the job as DC. The defensive breakdowns on Friday night were awful and have become all too common this season. For a supposedly veteran group of players, our D got eviscerated by the Eskimos on Friday night.

That they did. That first series by the Eskimos, man did our D look totally disinterested.

Alouettes release WR coach Eric Campbell

You heard it here first and you heard it from my sources.

Gee, if true, I wonder which of our "consultants" will now become WR coach, or whether we'll spend more money to hire a new one.

Well, assuming this unverified rumour is true, might we perhaps see Ben Cahoon step into the breach? Herb said he had some kind of agreement last fall to join our staff so maybe this is the time to get him involved. Who even knows anymore, though? Dysfunctional doesn't even begin to describe our team these days...

Just remember where and when you heard it. I'm not revealing sources, just enjoy it. Put this on my track record boys.


'Cuz the WRs have been the major issue on the team?

In a way hard to blame the D. Took the Offense close to three full games to finally score a TD.
D has been on the field for most of the last three games.

A couple of them seem to have had the oopsies on Friday night,

All of these suggestions for 2015 will be hired in addition to the current coaches right? We want to have more coaches than the rest of the league combined.

Campbell's firing is a continuation of the dysfunction of that team's management. This has nothing to do with the performance of the receivers IMO. There was a disagreement here and of course we won't hear boo from Campbell like every other coach fired before the expiration of their contract. Something tells me there is something in their contract that forces them to bite their tongue. The Als will have major problems attracting proven coaches in the off season.

Still no confirmation from any news source that Campbell has been fired.

This brings up a point that I touched on in another thread.

In only two of our six games so far (the win against BC and the loss to Winnipeg) did we manage to score touchdowns when the game's outcome was still in doubt.

Calgary: no TD until final minute of game -- no meaningful TDs
BC: Scored meaningful TD early in game
Winnipeg: Scored multiple meaningful TDs throughout game
BC: No TDs
Toronto: no TDs
Edmonton: no TD until final minute of game - no meaningful TDs

So really, we have only scored a meaningful touchdown -- not in the final minute of a blowout loss, playing a team that is fielding its B-team in prevent mode -- in two games this season. That's absurdly bad.

To me, this team has not scored a real TD since week three in Winnipeg. I refuse to count these pity TDs at the end of blowout losses as legitimate. They are nothing but the logical culmination of circumstances in games that are out of reach. They should not be rewarded, applauded, or taken as signs of progress.

Turk Schonert is the new receivers coach, following Erik Campbell release.

Ryan Dinwiddie "has been officially named offensive coordinator". Jeff Garcia " has been named the team's quarterback coach".


Pretty impressive scoop, it`s official, replaced by Schonert.

Now can your sources work on finding out that Higgins has been released!


To quote a line from a song : "Man the clock is moving so slow" !