Aspers to buy the Bombers?

Has anyone else heard about this? I've heard talk of this for a while, but apparantly the Asper family is pushing to gain ownership of the Bombers. The Aspers certainly would bring a lot of money into the franchise but I wonder how it would change the structure of the organization.

It will be interesting to see if anything actually happens, or if it's just more talk.

Aparently it is very close to being done! And when it is done Asper's stated they will change the uniforms! They will be pink and gold!

Asper is calling it a private - public partnership, so technically he isnt buying the team, he just wants to ensure the team remains finacially viable for the long term. His timing couldnt be better with the team starting to revert to last seasons losing form....

...the question is really the Aspers want 51%.....and controlling interest of the Bombers and will the City of Wpg, ..give it to them....i say they should...and make the deal...and breathe stability into the organization....and the cash won't hurt either... :wink:

if Asper buys the Bombers, does this translate to Global Television dumping the NFL in favor of the CFL?

....hey, that sounds great for the BB organization....the business saavy and financial backing of the Aspers combined with 49% community ownership could mean years of solidity for the Winnipeg franchise....hope this goes through....

....THE TALK IS SWIRLING IN THE PEG...RIGHT NOW about Bomber ownership......they're making front page news....sooooo we really don't know drum... what's gonna happen...could be a lot of different scenarios coming out of this.... :roll:

It's all tied in with a new 30,000+ stadium, possibly a dome.

good stuff for next season.....improving team on the rise, and fresh off a money making grey cup year, gets new ownership support and a new stadium in the works...

i suspect alot of free agents will be eyeing the Peg....who wouldnt want to move from a dumpy old stadium to a brand new facility?

What a concept, you have to give the people of the Peg credit. Now, if only the citizens and politicians of Halifax and QC were of the same ilk?


theres a video that is played on teh left side of the screen, advertising the banjobowl...after the video....GLOBAL SPORTS

They may have over 30,000 fans, I read how as of yesterday 28,500 was sold and they are also selling the Grey Cup temporary seats.

GREAT, but pink and gold will never fly!


stability only exists with community ownership. or has no one noticed the trend over the history of the league that privately owned teams try to go bankrupt every few years while the community owned teams keep the league afloat. I admit that short term private ownership can be a good thing but not one privately owned team hasn't nearly gone under at one point or another.(cgy sucked but never came close to going under I guess so that may be an exception)

I think Asper and his cheque book will be good for the Bombers. Keep us posted, Papa, Hank, Piggy, and Blackie!

I don't mind private ownership for the Bombers, as long as when the onwers want to sell, they sell it back to the city, and don't fold the team.

....yes, becasue there is a long list of rich people that buy professional sports teams and then fold them.....

no kidding, just happened the other day in Macon, Georgia.

.....really, a millionaire just bought a professional sports franchise and then folded up the club? any link?.....

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It also happedn alot in the ABA last season, and the WHA as well.

and I might that after a few seasons, if the lost money, they would sell it back to city.