Asper's Stadium Info Session

Anybody going to this?

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If so, please report back anything you find out!

hopefully some people show up with some tough questions
I know I don't want my taxes going to the Bombers. Renovate your stadium. there's nothing wrong with it

u think anyone in ontario wants thier tax dollars going to saskatchewan????

Since our tax dollars are going to leave Ontario anyways, it might as well be to aid Canadian sport.

-- an Ontarian :slight_smile:

Hey Winnipeggers, someone go to this thing! :slight_smile:

Oh come on everyone, don't you want your tax money going to a new NFL stadium in Toronto for Rogers, Tanenbaum, Godfrey etc. and not any CFL stadiums?

Just joking guys, trying to get people off on Monday morning with a bit of humour. :wink:

If it means the rogers group gets any money becasuse Winnipeg or Ottawa did then I dont want them to do a thing. rogers already got the Skydome for 25 million or something ridiculous like that. I still say someone should go to jail for that.

I emailed Mr. Asper and encouraged him and he personally emailed me back to thank me. Pretty COOL

I don't understand what you're talking about.
I'm talking about a brand new football stadium in Winnipeg, which the province has already said it's interested in funding. I live in the miserable province of Manitoba, and Winnipeg doesn't need another stadium.
The feds have already said they're not interested in funding a new stadium in Wpg. So my point is that I don't want my PROVINCIAL taxes going to fund a new stadium. Basically, screw Winnipeg. They have many more pressing needs. Like more cops. And new roads.

so u dont want your provincial tax dollars funding a stadium in your province, yet its ok for the rest of the country's tax money helping with the stadium since thats Federal tax?

the winnipeg stadium will provide all the tax money back within 5 years, then it will continue to generate tax dollars to the province....which can then be used to hire more cops and fix roads, etc.

if someone asked to borrow $5 from u today but will pay u back $50 next week, and continue to give u $50 every week for the rest of your life, your gonna say 'NO'?


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[i]David Asper's soft sell

Comfy chairs part of stadium-deal pitch


A few hundred Winnipeggers were able to glimpse and "feel" parts of a new stadium that will remain a vision until at least 2009.

About 300 people came to MTS Centre and literally put their "bums in seats" planned to fill David Asper's new football stadium and retail complex.

The comfort test was part of a detailed presentation designed to show fans how the millionaire businessman's $145-million dream could become reality.

While funding is not final, Asper emphasized his desire to push the project forward quickly, with the first phase of construction set to begin in the spring of 2008 and a target completion date of summer 2009.

"The clock is ticking and I say 'let's get on with it' and get it done today," he said at a free stadium preview last night.

Asper is seeking $80 million from the government, with $40 million each from provincial and federal coffers, but has final approval from neither.

He predicts the site will generate enough PST and GST to compensate the federal government within six years and the province within five.

"Our payback will happen in a timely fashion," said Asper. "The financial risk going forward is on my shoulders."

Asper pledged to invest $40 million for the stadium plus another $25 million for retail/ commercial dev elopment of the land around it.

The retail ventures are meant to sustain the stadium and "cross-subsidize" it when needed, he said.

"The point of the retail complex is to provide the team with a year-round source of income and the team will never have to go back to the taxpayer again," said Asper.

The design also promises to address common fan complaints.

The old Polo Park stadium was built in 1953. For years, Winnipeggers have complained of poor seating and lengthy waits for washrooms and concessions.

Main new features of the facility include the following:

  • A bowl-style field to add shelter and a 360-degree view.

  • Overhead canopies to ensure full "protection from the elements" for 80% of all seats.

  • 35,000 seats with individual cup holders.

  • Six extra inches of leg room (beyond current seating.)

  • A total 289 women's bathroom stalls plus six family rooms.

  • A two-level, 217,000-square-foot shopping complex to ensure off-field revenue for the team.

Fans seemed cozy in enhanced trial seats, as they showed up to test stretch their legs and lounge yesterday.

And while a few expressed concern about the loss of community ownership for the team, most said they approve of the Asper plan enough to support its demand for both private ownership and government cash.

"They can find the money. The Bombers deserve it, the fans deserve it, the city deserves it," said Brad Enders. "The stadium (now) is so old, it takes half-an-hour to go to the bathroom and another half-hour just to get a hot chocolate."

"If it's the only way to get a stadium, I'm for it," said Ann Edwards.[/i]

When you click on the link to Winnipeg Sun. Also click on the link regarding Toews statement at the top of page. The money man basically states that this project is all but dead. if this project has wide spread support then why did only 300 people show up. This forum was widely advertised by the media. Of the 300 people attending aprox 20 percent were media types. As I was saying the majority of Winnipeggers and many Bomber fans do not support this project. If Mr Asper wants this project to succeed then he will need investors or he will need to pay this on his own.

Seems like a shame. If every working person in Canada threw in a measly $10 Winnipeg would have it's stadium. If everyone chipped in $100 you could build 5+ stadiums.

Ummmm...if ur so interested, why dont you stimulate the economy and go yourself?


I'm in Ontario... I like the stadium idea, but I don't think i'm ready to make a holiday of it... Winnipeg in October? Not quite the high of touist season, i'd imagine.

ok point exactly.


So no ones answering dmonts question so no one from the forum went I take it.

I'm not in support of this project, and I'm a Winnipegger. I would rather have Canad Inns proposal and keep community ownership! Leo just needs to change his spot from where it was back to St. Matthews, where the current stadium is. Give Canad Ownership of stadium name, keep team community owned, Canad will make money back retail/hotel ventures (more lucrative than straight retail) plus the taxes that come from both would cover the provincial/federal sponsorship. I really think Leo cares about the Bombers as was seen by the last game with all of those veterans given their Grey Cup rings finally. PLUS I know for a fact that they all enjoyed the highest hospitality in their stay here, my girlfriend currently works in management, trust me, she would know if they had a bad time, lol! Thats not to say I'm drinking the Canad Kool-Aid. I appreciate that they are, I believe, Manitoba's largest employer. I've had a really good experience working for them, although I do not now, and have no intention of returning. But if they re-proposed their 'vision' it could possibly work better.

WINNIPEGGERS and ALL else who remember this, this is the guy who wants to OWN the BOMBERS FULLY:

Taken from

[i]The Globe and Mail gave huge page A3 play, complete with six photos, to the outburst by CanWest Global Communications vice-chair David Asper after last weekend's Winnipeg Blue Bombers game.

"He just wanted to know what was going on and why we sucked," said Blue Bomber linebacker Lamar McGriggs.

"He wasn't belittling me. I was trying to calm him down before he got to our head man."

Mr. Asper followed the team to the locker room where, according to other players, he continued to berate them and their coaches. One player said Mr. Asper grabbed head coach Jim Daley.

Wade Miller, a fullback, eventually pulled Mr. Asper into an equipment room, according to witnesses. They were followed by Lyle Bauer, the team's president and chief executive officer, who eventually escorted Mr. Asper out of the clubhouse.

Mr. Asper and Mr. Bauer were then caught on film, continuing their heated exchange, as they walked a short distance to the team's office where the confrontation appeared to end.

Although he was entitled to view the game at a VIP box, Mr. Asper on several occasions used his director's pass to gain access to the sidelines, where he could talk to players, coaches and referees.

On a number of occasions he was observed taunting opposing players and questioning calls from referees.

"He's a great guy," Mr. McGriggs said. "It's just that his antics during the game, he's very emotional about the Blue Bombers."

Bomber chairman Ken Hildahl said Mr. Asper contacted him on Sunday to advise him that he was resigning from the board for personal and business reasons.

The Globe, which competes with the National Post, of which Asper is chair, seemed to take inordinate glee in reporting the dust-up and subsequent bust-up. It even brought up last year's $405K wrongful dismissal lawsuit against Asper by Patricia Hickey, the former Post society page reporter/photographer. In her statement of claim, she alleged that he

"made an obscene and lewd gesture by unzipping the fly of his pants, sticking his finger out of his pants towards [her]."

But, as the Globe reports:

The status of the lawsuit is unknown and neither the reporter nor Mr. Asper was available to comment.

Winnipeg Free Press columnist Randy Turner, also took a whack (sub. req'd) albeit a more sympathetic one, and on page one no less.

Do you know the difference between David Asper and the average Bombers fanatic? A few million bucks, for the most part. 

Asper has influence (until he resigned this week, he was a member of the board of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers). He's got loads of cash. He's a prominent member of one of this city's most respected families. For lack of a better term, the Aspers are Winnipeg royalty, only with more cash. 

So when David Asper makes a fool of himself in public, it's kind of like Prince Harry getting into a fight in a London nightclub. See Photos Page 3!!! Everybody's got to know everything, right? 

Personally, I don't really care. Of course, Asper was way out of line. How do we know he was out of control? Because he grabbed CEO Lyle Bauer by the arm while he was screaming at him, that's why. Trust me, nobody does that when they're rational. 

It was the same with going after head coach Jim Daley in the locker-room. That's just plain stupid.


This column wouldn't be written at all if that was just some other anonymous Bombers director in the crosshairs. But that's just the price of wealth and notoriety.

So while I can't tell you what Asper is thinking today, I can probably hazard a guess: He's embarrassed. He probably sees the guy caught on tape confronting Bauer and is ashamed. He reads about his ranting in the locker-room and feels sick.

After all, we're talking about the ultimate Bomber fan here. And the players and staff love him, because it's like having Richie Rich as your biggest supporter. Swank parties at his luxurious house and the works.

That's probably why a few of the Bombers' veterans escorted Asper out of the locker-room. To save him from himself.

I'm guessing this story won't be appearing on either Global TV or in any CanWest paper.

UPPITY DATE: I ''guessed'' wrong, according to Colby Cosh who posts a comment below. I should have checked beyond Google and the Dow-Jones data base, neither of which show a mention of the story by a CanWest paper.

Here, for example, is how the Montreal Gazette (sub. req'd) played it.

Asper, credited with helping navigate the CFL team through some rocky financial straits, resigned after the Bombers lost 19-17 to the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday. Video footage aired by CKY-TV showed Asper, who appeared to be upset and shouting, walking beside team president Lyle Bauer toward the Bomber offices following the game. CKY and the Winnipeg Sun reported that Asper also got involved in "heated confrontations" with some players. Asper, executive vice-president of the Winnipeg-based multimedia giant, which owns The Gazette, would not comment on the incident. 

Give me 10 yards -- or whatever the appropriate gridiron penalty metaphor is -- for not combing through

BOMBSHELL: A reader, who prefers anonymity it seems, writes:

It seems to me what the Blue Bombers should do is put a helmet on David Asper and turn him loose on the field during one of his rants. They might win a few more games.

There are MANY articles/blogs/everything else on this subject, I found this to be the most level-headed, giving insight into both sides of the story.

I say WAKE UP Winnipeg, your selling your team for something shiny and new, why not keep the team, and eventually get something new and shiny. I hope I'm not the only one feeling this way, if you're from Winnipeg or not, SPEAK UP! I love my city, and I'm invested in it. I cannot invest into an Asper owned team.

The biggest thing to remember of all of this is, of course these people want to make money! You've got to spend money to make money. But if someone can make money, and keep the team community, they've got my vote.

Leo Ledohowski, time to make a new proposal.

I'm a little curious as to how Aspers proposal got picked by Lyle Bauer and the board anyways. ESPECIALLY after that unpleasantness after that RR game. Guess those 'Lavish' parties that everybody so enjoys, as per the article quoted, are really lavish. I think location would be a major factor, as Leo didn't propose anything in the current location, which IMHO is the best.

Anyways I'll end this. I hope Leo's shown support for the Bombers, and proven track record of not being an asshat will come through.

The Aspers have certainly done much for Winnipeg, I will not take that away from them, especially the Late Izzy. What an amazing man. This deal is not beneficial to us as citizens or our city, look past the gloss. Take the stadium a couple years later. Most of all, rest assured, the team belongs to You and I

what a waste of money, you think the feds will give money to that? there is a greater chance of the feds giving money to rogers to renovate the rogers centre and add more seats in the venue. If the feds are smooth businessmen, they will follow the plan to re-configure the rogers centre by sinking the field level in order to add more field-level seats for the nfl dimensions. Also they could remove the windows restaurant, remove some of the hotel suites and add some bleacher seats. A new winnipeg stadium is a waste of money and useless. At least if the feds spent money on toronto and the rogers centre, they could host more ncaa bowl games, nfl games, future superbowl, ncaa final four basketball.

Probably not. Only 300 people showed up for a city with a population of 600,000. And of that 300 I am told by someone who attended many were Media types. I would hardly think that this project has widespread support. If it did many more people would have attended.