ASPER .....please

......This franchise needs an enema......a take-over privately ...that would give this team a better direction than what the fans have experienced in the Peg for ions......How long before another Grey Cup appearance is a huge question......IF its gonna be another twenty years before a Cup win....and this franchise stays in its present condition and facilty....welllllllll....just say adios...I don't see a great future ahead//////Start with a new owner in 09...and a QUARTERBACK/// :slight_smile:

First time in YEARS I didn't go to a game and I didn't miss anything.
Bomber Fans have been put out of their misery for a miserable season.
Let the heads roll.

Bauer and Taman are out of time. Let's put some life into this club....

I would not count on Asper doing anything. The last I checked Global shares were worth about a dollar a share. Global shares are starting to tank just like the Bombers. Papa soon you will be able to wallpaper your bathroom walls with Global shares. Just wait a couple more weeks and you can use these shares as toilet paper. Maybe some of the die hards such as Blue&Gold4ever can start a beer bottle drive to assist Asper building this stadium. Should take about 50 years to get a down payment. :rockin: :cowboy:

or when he flunks out ler. ledahowsky take over and get it done. least he seems to be able to get government funding.

Personally I think the problems rest with Bauer and Berry. I think Taman should be allowed to stay as he has shown an ability to find good players. He traded Roberts at Berry's urging and look how Berry uses Smith yesterday - 5 carries?? I blame Bauer for the lack of a sellout - his marketing and sales department under his leadership dropped the ball big time. This organization is not well run from the top down. Berry and Bauer absolutely have to go and we need a decent QB. Jason Mass would have been a good QB for us yesterday. We don't need the absolute best but we do need passion and drive, not a QB who looks like he cannot wait to get into the dressing room as its too cold out there. Not a guy who can't wait to get off the field after another dismal 2 and out. We get Maas and have him compete for the starter positon with Randall and Dinwiddie. At least with Dinwiddie and Maas (and maybe Randall we'll see) we have two QB's who care whether we win or not and leave it all on the field.

We could/should have won that game yesterday.

i cana gree with the passion part. but i ain;t a huge maas fan he just floats around the leagueas a bacjup. thats all his ccareer will tun out to be. want a guy with passion....we have one, his name is Dinwiddie......went to the wall for this team on one leg ....he's got a few problems....i don't think he's quite heavy enough....maybe he could put on a few pounds in the off-season....and get some more strength into his throws...we could have another Ricky R..... I know one thing ...i don't want to see Glenn as the no 1 next year....they can deal him for all i care.....This team has given him enough time to prove himself and he has not been what we need....Time to turn the page... :expressionless:

I agree he has the passion. I'm not 100% sold on him but he needs the chance to prove himself. We need to move from Glenn - the guy has no passion at all. Its over with him. I think Mass would be a good tutor and backup for Dinwiddie.

i love dinwiddie for his devotion to the team and passion to play but will never be consitant. came out on game and lit up the stamps and then got destroyed 2 games in a row. he is a good guy and more heart then anyone on the sideline but it just ain;t enough as a starter. he is a solid back up however thats all he shall ever be.

randall has a better look then dinwiddie has ever shown me. confident to roll out and put a pass out on the run, and has the ability to fire it hard into a tight spot. so a strong arm, mobility and making a defence second guess amkes him a better looking option then ryan anyday for me. we hae to play him next year and create the next big starting qb in this league