Asper out???

...Creswin and David Asper have been bounced from the new stadium deal according to the local media????I guess business has definitely gone south for Asper, although he did try to make it work until it became cost prohibitive...I guess he can be credited with getting the ball rolling on the project...It looks like it will be announced in the coming days, after the City has voted on it...It could still fall apart, if certain people in the club think it's 'too rich' ..Guess we'll have to wait and see....
SOOOOOO to Asper for your efforts :thup: ....... AND for bailing when the going got tough :thdn: Hope he sticks around as a fan but the Asper name has definitely taken a hit.. :twisted:

Was just reading this on the net. Not sure if this is good or bad?

.....the Stadium will get built as advertised...BUT not with a private component...I would have liked to have seen Asper involved in the ownership...His original proposal had come apart....mainly because of the present economic conditions of the day....Wasn't meant to be...In any event the new digs will certainly be welcomed by the fans...New ways of generating revenue will come with the new venue...VIP boxes etc..All of that will be spelled out tomorrow....It's about time a new stadium was built in the Peg....It'll sure get the stamp of approval from the players..The proposed work out facilities, alone, will be welcomed (the present ones are akin to working out in a dungeon)..So lots of positives and as a fan of the Bombers i have to say....'what a welcomed announcement tomorrow and it's about time' :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

...say are things proceeding in Hamilton with your new stadium.. :roll:

This is a royal mess. Is Cresswin still GC on this project ? and if so WHY !
Asper will still try to get his hands on the Bomber…

...No mess here....Just a different way of doing the same deal.......minus Creswin and Asper....I bet there'll be a few naysayers....There always is...Same people who grumbled about the untold millions spent on the floodway a few decades ago...They sure like it now though, when the gates are opened up and the flood waters bypass the city...The same will hold true years from now ,when the Bombers are a viable entity in this city, playing in a respectable venue ...Grey Cup we come... :wink: :thup:

say are things proceeding in Hamilton with your new stadium.

Same thing here, naysayers but overall I'd say the new council, well it's almost the same makeup as the old council with a few new players including the mayor, is for the stadium. But right now the site chosen has about a $60 mill shortfall because it's not owned by the city. And this is a problem.