Asper for owner

Well Papa I bet you thought you would never see the day. HOUSEDOG is now on board. I am in full agreement that Asper should own the team. Why this change you ask. If Tillman can go over the salary cap and nobody cares. Why not us. With Aspers big bucks we could buy any player we want. We would have a field day of free agency choices. And I am sure Asper being a Big Blue fan he would no doubt sign the best. And not care about salary caps. As for the stadium. I am all for it. Let the taxpayers pay for it. All the farmers get handouts as well as the rest of the freeloaders in this country. We may as well get our free slice of the pie as well.

....i hope you're not foolin with me
if you aren't....i'm glad you finally have seen the light....You hit the nail right on the head as far as Asper....You know, one time, i really loved the fact Winnipeg was a community franchise....BUT when i witnessed the years that we couldn't compete because of funds and an uneven 'playing field' ..i grew a little weary....on the tax thing...i agreed with your first sentiment that 'tax dollars' definitely could be better spent....but then i also witnessed other provinces over the years, filling their coffers with 'fed bucks' for sport venues and i got a little 'fed up' ...
This is one time i hope Manitoba gets a fair 'slice' as you put it....even though it has to go the route that Asper has's either that'''or stand in line with our hand-out, for another decade, hoping some crumbs come our way...anywho....glad you came on board...and as far as the federal funds go...i'm very skeptical that Asper will get the feds. to ante-up....i hope i'm wrong... :thup:

'in the final analysis..i respect what the salary management system is trying to accomplish,,,BUT,,,IF,,other clubs are pulling the ol' circumventing game'...then at least i hope the Bombers have the ability to compete and do same.... it would be too bad ,if it went that way...we'll see :roll:

If there was some funny stuff going on with the SMS then the league better take remedial action. Boy! that a tall order, imagine the league taking a stand on anything. If it becomes a me too type of system we are in one heap of trouble. Some owners will compete for a while than get tired of losing money. Even Toronto was in real trouble for a while. They have a chance to do it right, whether they do or not is something else.

No Papa I am not foolin. What makes me sick is the fact that Saskatchewan is just flaunting the fact they are over the cap. And what bothers me they broke the CFL rules and at the same time are going to the cup. It's amounts to cheating. Cheating is cheating no matter how you slice the pie. It might sound like sour grapes. But why have rules if they are no consequences. We may as well have private ownership in the name of Asper. He will spend the money getting players. If we go over the cap. Who cares. It may as well be a free for all. Look. They think Tillman is a big hero. Broke the cap rules. Shoot his mouth off and got fined by the leaque. Makes an announcement that he is over the cap and nobody says nothing. Maybe Winnipeg should hire someone with an equally big mouth, say maybe Shivers. He can break all the rules and we will be okay. the shiv lol lol....I do agree with a lot you've said... :expressionless:

What would make sense is if some corporation put up some money for naming of the stadium and also a little on the deal to get like 10-20% ownership that would still be community owned so it isnt outright owned by someone else. I dont know if thats even feasible just a thought i had.

I don't want that bloodsucker taking over the Bombers.

  1. There is a salary cap (let TO cheat if they want to)
  2. He wants 80M in corporate welfare so that he can build his hotel complex and a stadium that looks like a big toilet.
  3. The price of tickets will be so high that only corporate weasels will be going to the game.
  4. It won't be our team any more.
  5. Katz and the Aspers will have a virtual monopoly on outdoor entertainment. Those two are turning Winnipeg into a MONOPOLY board.
  6. The Bombers are the soul of this city and it can't be bought.

Hey, Asper, why didn't you get Moses or someone like that to autograph the Bomber's equipment instead of that second-rate prophet the Dalai Lama. You turned your back on G-d and now he's cursed you and the Bombers. May Kevin Eiben of the Argos burn in hell for breaking Glenn's arm.

Yah that BAD Sam Katz he just went and built a beautiful ball park where you can take the whole family for a few dollars and enjoy the game in a nice clean facility. Not too mention it is the model franchise for that league. That is just terrible how can Winnipegers stand for that? I guess we should bash Mark Chipman, the arena owner as well. Let see the worst facility is publicly owned while the best are privately owned seems to be a pattern here. You mention toilet well that's exactly what the stadium smells like all right. Yah and if a New stadium is too classy for you and your friends from the trailer park I am sure Bubbles will let you come over to his shed and watch the game


I think you’d have a tough time convincing Kerry Joseph the Riders were over the cap. He took a huge paycut to stay with the team. Tillman also cut several veteran players in the offseason to reduce the cap that previous management had exceeded.

....i don't think the full-audit is in for 07'...when that is made public and real figures from the league show what each club's all second-guessing till then.. :wink:

I don't have a huge problem with the $80 million since we did it for those 2 con men KAtz and Chipman my real concern is that Asper will be one of those owners who can't keep his nose out of the football part of it and we'll end up with a puppet GM and Davey boy picking the players.

In the beginning I was very much against David Asper owning the team. However we must look to the future. There is a difference between David Asper and the other owners in the league. Mr Asper grew up in Winnipeg and as a small boy attented Bomber games. If you grow up a Bomber fan and lived in Winnipeg all your life you will always be a Bomber fan. The other owners did not grow up in the cities of the teams they own. And to them it's just a business or a tax write off. That is why I changed my mind on this issue. I believe he will look after the best interests of the team. And spend money obtaining good players for key positions. As for the money. 80 million of taxpayers money. everybody is going to the Government with their hand out and getting cash for their respective cities. So why not us. If it creates some jobs and a bit of wealth for the area it's a good thing. The stadium is old and will take a lot of money to fix it. The time is right to move forward.'re making more sense everyday, housedog...Asper has also said that IF he can't make it work and the Bombers aren't successful under his ownership....the team will revert back to the community....and this after, he has fronted a lot of 'moola'....i think its worth the gamble... :thup:

With a new stadium we could attract some major events to the peg. Such as an NFL pre season exibition game. I am sure such a game would sell out fast. If Toronto and Vancouver can host such events, why not us.

well spoken housedog.
as far as being a tax payer i have to agree lets just doit, and stop waiting for the goverment because we would all be dead well be for any thing will be done :thup:

The stadium was built around 1952 which makes it 55 years old. Would you tear down a house because it was 55 years old or would you renovate it?We already know the feds are not going to hand over 40 mil and while Doer made it an election issue you know how politicians make promises. The new stadium talk is a dead issue, and why give Asper the team? I dont get it, we put up the majority of the money and he owns the team??? Doesnt make sense to me when our roads are crumbling. You gotta put your perspectives in line and a new stadium just isnt there.

Pay for roads, sewer, and for stadium. If not the money will be squandered anyways. lots of people with their hands out and they get. Not spending money on a stadium does not stop the government from spending money. They just throw it away on the people who cry the most or on stupid projects. They buy submarines that can't even cross the ocean without starting on fire. A billion on 1 submarine. So what's a few bucks for a stadium. At least with a stadium we can all enjoy it.

Yeah If i had to take a leak in a tin can with 100 men watching, i would tear it down, come on man wake up, we need and deserve a new stadium, renovating the current stadium is like trying to revive a 100 year old, who had a heart attack, nearly impossible, the seats are too cramped (they are fairly new), nothing ever happens at the stadium besides BB Games and practices, a new stadium might bring in some major concerts during the summer months (ie. The Stones) that the MTS Centre cannot handle.

We tore down the old arena cause it could not facilitate the AHL even, now we have a beautiful arena downtown that evryone loves. Renovating the old stadium is impossible and would cost nearly as much, the washrooms, seats, concessions to name a few would cost enough on it's own, if your gonna do it, DO IT RIGHT, BUILD NEW.