Asper Cracks Open the Wallet!!!

I don't get some people. BC Place makes 58.1 million dollars a year according to BCTV the other night. Think about what this new stadium in Winnipeg could bring in. You have to spend money to make money, and a capalitist society has to do that.

If they would've kept the Jets Winnipeg would be a far more rich city, but all people would look at was the cost of the stadium at the time, and not the long term money, and businesses it would bring into the city now look at winnipeg. Shall i bring up the population growth of Winnipeg?

0.6% from 96-01, 2.7% from 01-06. 96-01 espescially interesting cuz that was around when the Jets left. They could've grown way more than 3.5% in 10 years, possibly 5-8% and way more businesses and tax dollars flying into Manitoba, and Winnipegs government.

What a boost for my old alma mater U of M.

In the past few years they have lost a few national teams because the training facilities just weren't up to snuff.

And talk about financial security for the Bombers, financed in part by the retail development of the old stadium site.

This is win win for everyone, right hdog. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK let me see if I can digest this, but definitely not understand.
The Peg has their own rich owner, who is relatively young, loves the CFL wants to take over the BB and build a new complex(stadium, shops and possibly convention facilities) with a big chunk of his own money.
What is wrong with this picture. Duh.
We have some towns people who will make it hard for him and run him out of town and not build new, they do not want to rejuvenate the city, improve the neighborhood and other spin off and related business and equally as important create probably thousands of jobs and ultimate put millions of dollars for many years into the city and business coffers.
Those people my friends need their collective heads examined.
Like I have said, send Mr. Asper where he is wanted with open arms.

...right on about looking a gift horse in the mouth...I know there will always be a lot of naysayers when it comes to tax money for sporting events (seems the feds. have plenty for the olympics though and its venues)...Asper has upped the ante to 100 mil. out his own pocket......Whats wrong with the feds.,getting on board ,with a sports complex ,that is going to be available to many Manitobans...Right beside the University of Manitoba...c' pigseye said...its a win win.... :thup:

It's an unfortunate fact of life that some poeople simply cannot stand change of any kind. They don't like progress,they don't like the rich, they don't like anything new.

They don't want others to have pride and enjoyment in their lives, and they don't like it when their city grows and demands modernization. They don't understand the meaning of opportunities for youth, aspirations, role models, or civic pride and how those things can rejuvenate and invigorate a city.

I say to these people "move to Halifax" where you'll feel more at home.

"Behind every great fortune there is a crime." - Balzac

But don't get me wrong. It all seems like an obvious win situation in the peg. It's those ignorant federal conservatives who don't consider the CFL as a legitimate entity and an important piece of the Canadian culture and identity.

All this Asper stadium ownership scheme has done is devide Bomber fans and the community. If Leo's proposal would have been accepted there would not have been so much opposition. The letter of intent that was signed with the Bombers is null and void. The proposal was to build at Polo Park. This nonsense that is happening now is not what was proposed. The BODs better stand up to Asper. After U of M falls through then what will the next proposal be. Build in the North End and kick out the residents. Asper's plan has a lot of freebie's. Free Land. Free money from the taxpayer. And of coarse the team for a bottle of cheap booze. Best run team in CFL is Saskatchewan. Community owned. Somebody from Toronto in previous thread said they want Asper. You could have him. Maybe he could fix Argo's. Why not. Everyone else has tried. How many private owners have Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, BC had. To high to count.

I will tell you what the real agenda is my friend. It's keeping our Bombers community owned. The same as your Eskimos. Also it has been stated on previous threads the Riders are community owned and the best run team in the league. They need a new stadium. I don't see them out courting a rich businessman. They won't sell out their team. Fix or build a new stadium, the Riders will get the job done. You know why the Bombers can't get it done. Everyone who sits at the top is incompetant. I won't sell out my team for a piece of silver. It's not about hating rich people. It would be nice to have a new stadium, but not at the cost of selling out our team. What is needed is better people on the board of directors to right the ship.

Yuck, why the hell would you want to stay community owned?

Yes, Saskatchewan is doing well these days, but how have they been for the past couple of decades? They had the longest Grey Cup drought until last year, and now that crown belongs to..... that's right Winnipeg, another community owned team. The Riders' current fortunes are due to a resurgance in fan interest because of improvement on the field, as well as better management of the league under Cohon. Tillman is behind the magic, not those who hired him.

Besides, Asper has provided guarantees that the team would revert to community ownership if he ever tried to sell it, which he would most assuredly do if he was losing money due to running the team into the ground. Should that happen (and i highly doubt it would) the city gets a world class stadium and is no worse off than they are now in the ownership department.

winnipeg should just renovate the current stadium and place a retractable roof over it.

Wow......a new stadium......people are complaining?????
Bombers no longer community owned.....oh well, let's move on, a new stadium, a new owner, maybe he will get you a real quarterback thrown in with the new diggs....
I would say that this is a great oppertunity for the Bombers. I never did like the thought of the stadium on the western outskirts of the city. The U of M is a good location. I wish the stadium was built while I lived in Winnipeg, then maybe I would have went to a few more games.

Here's the report from CTV Winnipeg. There's some updates, seems like politicians at all levels are supportive.

Make sure to watch the video!!!

What happened to the Point Douglas proposal?

Why were the first two sites rejected?

Good luck then. I'll check back in forty years and see what, if anything, has developed.

Federal gov't balked at the Polo Park proposal because of a) $80M requested in public funds, and b) the sole beneficiaries would have been Asper and the Blue Bombers... and we all know what a cardinal sin it is in this country to support our CFL teams...

Everyone was enthusiastic about the Point Douglas proposal at first, until it was discovered that the cost of acquiring the land and traffic improvements would be in the neighbourhood of $130M instead of Asper's projected $30M. Some resistence from the residents of Point Douglas proved to be the nail in the coffin.

"Community ownership" STINKS!

It doesn't mean the people own the Bombers or have a say in what they do.

Lyle Bauer and Co. own them. Not us. The public has no say in what the Bombers do. Never have, never will.

Community ownership has got us 0 Grey Cups in almost 20 years. Why is it good? Explain.

We need new ownership. Can't do much worse than they are now... what's so bad about private ownership? Could you foresee in your wildest dreams David Asper of Winnipeg, who put millions into the team and loves them.. MOVING them?

I hate how Winnipegger's are so terrified of CHANGE.

I don't even like the new site for the stadium or the fact it will hold only 30,000 for regular season Bomber games. I just want a new stadium already. We should've had one 10 years ago...

With that being said, who knows if this latest plan will ever happen. This is Winnipeg, after all. Doesn't matter if a project makes sense.

I'll get excited when shovels are in the ground.

People who are in favour of building at the UM location don't seem to realize just how big modern stadiums are. When not in operation open air stadiums are huge eyesores regardless of design. For lack of a better plan, the political types want to place one of these things where people live. It just goes to show you how flawed the electoral system is when such stupid people make our decisions for us.

No stadium should be built anywhere near people. Stadiums are low-use facilities, especially in a city like Winnipeg where we're not exactly drawing big crowds. The current site has the tremendous advantage of there not being the least impact on a surrounding neighbourhood. Ergo, the original proposal to build on the existing site is the only one that makes sense.

ArgoTom, for one, doesn't get why there is any opposition to this project. Well for all of you who do not live here you have to understand the position we're in.

  • While I have no doubt that Asper has the best interests of Manitoba football in mind, my earlier reference to an Oediface complex is apt. The late family patriarch has already saddled us with a Human Rights Museum project that uses up a lot of the federal good-will cash that could be going to more urgent projects. Now David wants to use up the next round of federal largess on a grandiose stadium design.

  • Support for the football club is stagnant. Ours is not a growing city in the right sense. Far too much of our population cares nothing for football so we can expect no more than the 25-30K we see now. Those numbers are not going to increase with a new facility.

  • We are spreading wider definitely, but the population is not keeping up. That means that every year the costs of maintenance go up while the revenue base deteriorates. As more people move further away from any facility the usage of it goes down.

Ideally we should see a new facility on the edge of the downtown, just far enough away from people to make it unobtrusive. We can’t do that so we’re back to the current site. It seems to me that we need a facility more like Commonwealth and less like Skydome. A simple design that does the job for less money makes more sense for Winnipeg.

From my perspective...this issue isn't the new stadium. It is what Asper is getting in exchange. The property the existing stadium sits on. It is not clear exactly how much this land is worth on the open market and what if any contribution from the operations go from this new mall to the Bombers.

In the original proposal Asper was getting a new stadium built basically for nothing. That is why people are skeptical.

don't look a gift billionair in the mouth. How much do you think it would cost the provicial and federal gov. to upgrade the track and field complex, and to build a state-of-the-art training facility to replace an aging one. $35 million??? Maybe. Your getting a new stadium, and probably more jobs created. The stadium will be built 25ft under ground, so the impact in the community will be some what minimal. I think the positive out way the negative