Asper and Winnipeg playing shell game with stadium

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Paul Friesen gives an update on the stadium debacle in Winnipeg.

,,,,friezen has never been a friend of the Bombers, so you can take it from there....The roof will be put in place or accomodated for in the future.....tempest in a teapot...hardly a debacle...even friezen says it's a 'kerfuffle' whatever the hell that is... :lol: :wink:

Any government can pull this crooked scheme, thank god they don't or we would be like Greece right now.

....crooked....seems like everyhing is and was above board right from the beginning....pray tell me where is the illegalities....AND why the hell you, as an easterner ,do you have any concern about a new stadium in Wpg.....I bet it's cuz it's great for the Bombers (see jealousy) cuz i know it's great for the league...give your head a shake.. :lol:

I've noticed that papazoola protests very heavily whenever this stadium issue comes up. He seems to be very touchy on the issue. Is he perhaps on the payroll of Creswin, the Aspers or the Blue Bombers? I only say this because I don't know too many casual fans that so quickly and adamantly rise to the support of politicians and businessmen on stadium deals that appear to consist of inside cronyism and shaky financing.

So i'm on Aspers have proof of that :lol: ...if you don't then may i cast the aspersion (get it ASPER-SION )that you are on the payroll of the neg. group that is constantly trying to 'sandbag' this venture from the get-go....How do like those apples....AND if you have any proof of the idiotic comment about my employment by Creswin....let's see them :wink: .......................................didn't think so :wink:

Personally, I think you're all on the take...

Very disappointing, but not surprising. First Hamilton somehow manages to fumble up a sure thing in the Pan-Am stadium deal, and now Asper screws Winnipeg. Just a year ago, the prospect for some desperately needed CFL stadium replacements seemed to be a done deal. :frowning:

All Asper cares about is the Polo Park property...
Wish I could tell the government I'll pay my debts with property taxes... :roll:

....nobody has fumbled the ball...the stadium in Winnipeg is currently being be built....Because some concern arose from the 'cover design' does not in anyway stop the stadium from being built....Wow... talk about the 'roof' or uh sky is falling :lol:

the circus is truly the media and certain fans.. to you i say...

doo doo doo do do do do do do do dooooooo.


the stadium is being built.

these newspaper people arent experts, basicallly they are like u and me, we have opinions, they just get paid to say theres. friesen? shocking he'd try to stir up some crap when the bombers are struggling.

just shocking. NOT AT FRIGGIN ALL. FRIESEN, turner, etc.. they are all ultra negative opinion writers. THATS IT.

they get paid to sell papers and honestly i can get the sun for free in most areas of town so what does that tell u even.

Friesen does seem to be a negative type of writer I'll admit. Always looking for the bad stuff, ah he's not the only one. :roll:

i said Hamilton fumbled the ball. Which they did. I said that Asper is screwing Winnipeg. Which he appears to be doing. No doubt the Bombers will wind up with a new stadium at some point. How scaled back the finished product is from the original press release plan is yet to be determined.

Well good thing then I guess this won't turn into another Hamlilton mega-thread ... :roll:

otherwise we might need Artie to fix this one too as he could have that whole deal with Hamilton in 15 minutes in meeting with Bob Young as he explained recently.

…Asper appears to be screwing Wpg. :lol: …quite laughable seeing as he lives here…Where all this crap comes from i have no idea…‘Yeah’… says Asper, ‘i’m going to screw you over Wpg. by putting my money and reputation on the line so you can build a new stadium’… :lol: :lol: don’t make me laugh…my sides are splitting now… :lol: :lol:

100 percent of the Cash is tax payers money, The team is community owned, the land belongs to the University (public) so why use Asper and add an extra layer in Cresswin instead of tendering out publicly to GC ?

Everybody agrees Winnipeg needs a new house, the way it was done defies common sense and reeks. But that is part of the scheme... It is so embarassing that the people caught in it have to burry it and keep running from the spotlights.

I think your apples are rotten and this is just a typical inside deal where a select group of people are going to make a ton off the taxpayers of Winnipeg with a case of typical cronyism. But what the heck, I don't live there so I don't care if all you Peggers get hosed. I just want you all to field a competitive team once in awhile. Maybe the new stadium will do just that.

There's no way you can say the stadium has not turned into a debacle. I hope the stadium gets built, and its great that some work is slowly moving along. But it has turned into a debacle. They never should have had that photo op without having a firm agreement in place as to the funding and a firm plan on the stadium design. As it stands now they are digging out the field and still haggling over the details. The current ploy is a shrewd move by Creswin/Asper. They were supposed to be on the hook for cost overruns, but with the ground turning photo op and now excavation taking place, its now too late to turn back the clock and he has some leverage to get the levels of gov't to take care of the cost overruns. The deal in place is to have Asper take ownership of the team and get the polo park property to build the elms when all is said and done. Asper was quite vocal when he wanted the deal to get done about building a classy facility and now he's gone silent while his company is now renegotiating the stadium design to basically "dumb it down" so they don't have to be responsible for cost overruns. Instead it seems as though a stadium will be built in some capacity just to have one built with the attitude that fans will come regardless. In this capacity I'm disappointed in Asper for not sticking to the original plan, the original agreement, and reaffirming that as prospective owner he wants the best stadium design.

what money is he putting on the line?
he gets to repay the loan with property taxes - unheard of really
he gets to build the stadium
the whole new deal came because he could not find the capital to build this. so wpg has to forgo taxes from polo park to fund this
Asper has no monetary risk. in fact he wins regardless.
his rep? well that's been going downhill for years (Canwest, Human Rights Museum, public tantrum after a Bomber loss...)

agree 100 per cent. this is the rich old boys scratching each other's back.
i won't forget this next year when the NDP try to hang onto power...