asolutly pathetic

IMO, their problem is the offensive line, they are very inexperienced and it showed last night. Hugh needs to get a couple of the retired vets back… another problem I believe is the head coach Maccioca is not the right coach for the Eskimos, he has made some brutal decisions regarding personnel(Montford and Brady), Durden looked like a rookie against Brazzell and had no help from Wiltshire, their safety. The Esks secondary is now suspect even with the vets , they looked pourus against the Bombers

...yeah they looked like they have a lot of holes to patch on that club....what i really noticed was their lack of heart...something i jumped on the Bombers for last year....when you don't have the fire're in trouble.. :oops:

I hope to see a lot more games from the eskies like last nights :smiley:.

I'm not as worried about the esks offence as I am the defence. The offense moved the ball to the red zone effectively but just couldn't get it in- save for the opening drive which looked really well. There was pressure on Ray all game long, the o-line needs some changes.

The defense is a completely different story. No pressure from the d-line on Glenn all game yesterday. And there was ALWAYS a receiver open for Glenn with at least two steps on a db. I actually thought the secondary would be the strong point for the esks on d this year. Guess I was wrong.

I dont think their Offensive line would have made much difference last night because we werent even blitzing Ray. And it wouldnt have helped the run game either because you just cant run on the bombers d like in some of the previous years.

Are you claiming that your defence is unstoppable, no matter what other teams change or do? :roll:

Some of these guys seem to think theyve already
got the cup wrapped up. One game doesnt make a

Not at all, Im just saying we are hard to run on. The only thing that could have helped that O-line last night was a better Center and you wouldnt have had so many missed snaps and so on. Not sure if you watched the game last night but our defense is obviously beatable.

Eskylo I dont think we have anything wrapped up so just chill.

I was sarcastic. The way you were talking about your defence you made it sound like they were unstoppable.

This was also sweet for Greg Marshall as he lost out to Macciocia for the HC job.

It would have been "sweet" for Marshall if he could have beaten the Eskimos last year, but Marshall was an assistant coach with Ottawa... who didn't do so well. Edmonton did slightly better. 2 years later, I doubt Marshall is thinking much about the lost Eskimos job. He had actually applied for the head coaching job with Winnipeg, once Ottawa folded, and lost out on that one too.

Man, I haven't seen the game, but I just looked at the stats. How can a team rack up to 400 offensive yards and not get more than 10 points?

If things continue this way, Ricky Ray will hold the record for most passing yards for a QB not making the playoffs...

Not my impression...just happy fans, and why not?

redwhite2005. you have to be careful on what you say, it might come back to bite you in the butt later.

Sure the Esks are last right now, but if you are counting them out already, then you obviously haven't been around too long because somehow, every year the Eskimos Manage to pull off some lucky run and make the playoffs...

I'd be braggin' too if we just finished stomping the Eskies 46-10. Heck I'd brag if we beat them on a technicality. :slight_smile:
Whoop it up pegheads.

First off if you give it you should be able to take it right! My team loses I will be here posting I do not disappear! If they take things seriously then they are just plain sad! They need to get a life. For now rub their noses in it!

Esks will come back , were going to wax the Lions.......


That was the most points the esks have lost by in 11 years(i think), I read it in the paper yesterday, so I don't see another blowout against B.C. The esks are at home, and want to rebound after a loss like that, it'll be a close one.

No he said the Ekimos are going to blowout the lions.