asolutly pathetic

this is the msot pathetic piece of football, ive seen our defence ever play. hey macocia bet yuo wish you had Brady god, just pathetic

realy ive enevr seen a defence hsoot itself in the foot and not even cover milt

Reggie Durden has to go, he allowed Copeland to get 160 yards last game, and he's allowed about the same this game thus far AS WELL AS TWO TOUCHDOWNS! Ditching brady looks like it's coming back to haunt maciocca. Look for some defensive adjustments at halftime, and possibly Roosevelt Williams to start next week in place of Durden.

BWAHAHAHAAHA this is actually very hilarious!

Well I would say that Durden has to bump Brazzell at the line of scrimmage to slow him down... and needs help from Wiltshire... if they dont do either its going to be a long game for the Edmonton D.
The other thing that I see is that the Eskimos have no ground game whatsoever... that is a product of the inexperienced offensive line. Edmonton has to play catch up, so they need quick strikes to get back into it. The absence of a ground attack is killing the Eskimos.

i dont think edmonton offence is doing bad at all. but our D wow, just shooting themselves in the foot, over and over and over again

i dont think were playing horrible, were just gave up 3-4 big plays. and that cannot happen

9 yards rushing is terrible...

but winnipeg didnt allow ricky williams much last week, and troy davis anything this week.

looks like winnipeg is hard to run against.

I agree DG, but Edmonton has no running game because of the inexperience on the Oline-- it is showing big time in this game, if the Bomber D decides to pressure Ray, then look for them to get a few sacks in the 2nd half.


3 times in red zone for the esks offence and what happens... 2 turnovers, and a field goal...We move the ball so well, until we get in the red zone. And the esks defence if F***in pathetic.

3-4 hummmm!

WINNIPEG 46 / EDMONTON 10 :thup:


Awesome a thread just for edmonton fans to Cry in.

Ha ha ha smoething smells 200 miles north of us! Well it is apparent that the team is taking on the personality of the sugar plum fairy! ha ha ha LAst place in the West still!

For the sake of moses health, I hope he missed
that game.

The esks defence this year is a joke. And the team will be going nowhere(we'll miss the playoffs) if we dont' make any personnel or defensive scheme changes.

…i like to see Macciocia dance around this one…Berry cleaned his clock…didn’t even want to run the score up…anyone have any doubts about this guys smarts…i smell a winner in WPG…but i don’t know what that smell is in Edmonton…could it be the smell of change in the air…lol lol… :roll:

Wow. I really didn't see this one coming.. the Esks definitely need to make some adjustments on BOTH sides of the ball.. when you're not getting the short yardage plays done because you've forgotten how to run the ball, even with an all star like Troy Davis in the backfield.. something is wrong.

well, i've "gloated" on 2 other threads, but u know wot - the esks offence is actually pretty good, a couple of plays here n there, and it cud've been a lot closer, but in the end, i'm not sure that macchioca (or howevr u spell his name) is that great a coach. he inherited a talented team last year and cut a lot of the players that made that team talented - whether for physical ability or money, who knows, but he cud be looking for a job soon! y cant ray get a td??? hmmm! cud it b that the bomber defence is for REAL??? wot a turnaround from last year! go BOMBERS!!!