Ask the Ref.

Whatever happened to the “Ask the Ref” feature that used to be on It would really be nice to be able to ask Tom Higgins (who by the way I think has done a great job with the officiating in the CFL) questions on rule interpretation as has been done in past years.

I remember that feature being there last year in fact. Thus, it said you have to log in to access a Question; I tried that a couple of times with no success and then after a bit they deleted the feature. :?

Too much negative criticism maybe?

or maybe too much immature comments and such

ya that too.

it's hard to respond to people when all they say is really stupid comments that absolutely have no contribution at all to the issues at hand.

He could do a weekly column on the obvious calls. There are a few each week talked about by fans and commentators. He hasn't posted anything since last season and we are 1/3 of the way threw the season. A little communication can help put out the fire before it gets out of hand.

Speak of the devil ...

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Ask the ref is great :thup:

That's good as I think there are eye watchers browsing our forum on what us posters are posting about. In essense; We are being heard and us armchair Quarterbacks have some Questions/answers that are being considered I say.

Didn't realize I had that much influence. :cowboy:

Ask for some money and see what happens.


Your "Click" membership card and secret decoder ring will be arriving by mail shortly :rockin:

:thup: nice

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