Ask the Ref question

how do you ask the ref a question?


you have to go on the home page, scroll down and click on ''Contact'', then scroll again and, in the drop down menu, choose ''Officiating/Ask the ref''.

Fill the form. Done.

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these guys woun't aweser that for me, thanks OP!

poor ref guy, now he is gonna get all these questions from Kanga. We might have to take up a collection to handle the legal fees when he assaults KK.

Naw, The mods will tell "Ask the Ref" how to block him!

..........pity the ref, opoulin you know not what horror you have unleashed.......

No worries.....if the ref can't understand how it's written, I'm sure the question will just hit the trash.....

Actually Red, after a couple of KK's crazy Rule changes, I'm sure Ask the Ref will do what the real refs do, tune out the fans, so he'll tune out KK.

oh come on guys, I'm not gonna ask him every two seconds or suggest any rule changes to him. Not what his for. He is there to awnser a question that I'd otherwise post on the forum and take up space.

Oh Oh
OP has ruined it for all of us.
Now the ref is gonna be so P.O'ed he is gonna cancle the service

Hey jm 02

Did you know that Black was a school Vice Principal??? I copied the article from the archives.

Black’s officiating career began at the amateur level in 1968 and in 1979 he joined the CFL in what would become a 22-year career as a professional-level field official. He assumed his current position as CFL Director of Officiating in April 2004, following his retirement from a 32-year tenure in public education as a teacher, vice-principal and principal with the Toronto District School Board.

"As an advocate of education and development both on and off the sports field, I am proud to join the Sports Officials Canada Board of Directors,� said Black. “Through the efforts of the SOC, and the resources and commitment put forth by organizations such as the CFL toward this critical sports function, we are able to help develop and grow officiating in Canada.�


So if KK does send in his Action point questions at least you have a brother at arms that can deal with him!


would you rather have me ask you instead? Quite frankly, I'd rather now bother you with such things and ask the ref and find out on my own.

Or better yet, you should order a rule book, and study it. And then tape games and study them, and just keep studying, and not ever have to ask a question. I would still ask that you not answer questions once you become such a CFL sage.

ya dont even have to order it you can download it here!

I read the rule book on this site, and it has holes in it, filled by "Ask the Ref" which answers any questions the rule book doesnt awnser.

I do tape some of the games and study them, but not every rule happens in a game.

and if I know the awnser to a question, and I'm 1000%+ sure, I'll awnser it, cuz I'll be right.

what about the times when you are not 100% sure and you still answer it, and you say it as fact yet it is not.

I remember one time when he deliberately answered wrong!

I may have stated it was a fact but was my opinion like an idoit, I amidt that now.

for now on, if it's my opinion, I'll put IMO in the statemant.

are you talking about the three stogers joke?

  1. I was being funny and an idiot
  2. if you watch CFL Tradisions the original show, in one of the clips form the old days of Football, they show a Kick Convert that is similar to the joke (the QB held the ball with laying his body flat on the ground as the Kicker kicked it and at an angle)