Ask the Ref BC Sask explaination

I think that this is a good explanation

Tuesday, August 30, 2005 - 02:38PM

Last Saturday evening in the B.C. at Saskatchewan game, we had an unusual call.

The Saskatchewan centre was penalized for Procedure for moving the ball forward on a second down and short yardage play.

The ball had been placed about 2 inches short of the 49 yard line. The centre picked up the ball and moved it forward by about 8 to 10 inches resulting in three BC players being lined up Offside. The Saskatchewan offensive line lined up on the advanced placement of the ball.

The Head Linesman who had observed the centre moving the ball threw his flag and reported his call to the Referee, and subsequently Saskatchewan was penalized.

I would have preferred that the Head Linesman had blown his whistle, thrown his flag and penalized as a pre snap foul, but he let the play go.

Regardless, it was a correct Procedure penalty. It would have been very unfair to have penalized B.C. for Offside when the centre's actions caused them to be Offside.

George R. Black
Director of Officiating
Canadian Football League

great thread.thanks!


Sometimes you’ll see them not blow the whistle on a procedure call, never understood it, it’s not like the DB"s are thinking, this could be a procedure call, I’ll jump out infront of this guy…

I agree with you hank. An offside is considered a free play for the offence.
Let the procedure play continue, if the play is beneficial to the defence(QB sack, interception) they can decline it

I would love to see explanations like that from the ref at the game. Something like 'illegal procedure on #???, moving the ball forward before the snap'. Sometimes the NFL refs do that and it allows the people at home to learn more about the game and why the refs called what they did.

Also I would like to see this penalty called consistently or know of other times it has been called (I'm not disputing it was a penalty).

It would be good to get the explanation at a game but they probably don’t have time for a long one like that, if they had to explain them all.

Some calls are obvious, holding calls, illegal blocks, roughing the passer & kicker but the ones that are rarely caused such as this one should have a small explanation. Just to clear things up at the game.

Excellent idea …they could add a web site part here…and explain to people why they did certain things.We should write some one and suggest that.Leaving the fans wondering…WTF…makes this worse.At least this way we could all get some idea even if we don’t like what they did or say. :smiley:

Resonable explantion and even Oday admitted he thought he did nothing wrong but also did not deny that it happened.
The one the sticks in my Craw was the off side, just wondering why they didnt comment on that, it would have resulted in a turnover...but we will never know the outcome.... so Ill leave it at that :slight_smile: