Asian Starting QB

Several press reports over the past few weeks have been saying that Timmy Chang, of Hawaii, is the first Asian to have started a professional football game at QB.

Have they all forgotten Joe Paopao? If we count Hawaiians as Asians, then aren't Samoans?

Well, I don't think they are considering the fact that Chang is from Hawaii as opposed to the fact that he is of Chinese descent!

...pretty sure ro has it correct MJ, the reference is to Chang's racial background rather than his place of birth...if it were based on POB then they would be polynesian, as opposed to asian, and yes Throwin Joe would have beat Timmy out by decades....

Paopao is in fact a Samoan, not a Hawaiian. The vast majority of Polynesian Hawaiian-born residents are in fact Samoans or other Polynesians. Pureblood Hawaiians are fairly rare and mostly reside in Niiau island (a protected island, no tourists), I believe.

Most of the football players from Hawaii are Samoan.

Not surprisingly, there is a large asian influence in Hawaii. On Maui, historically about 1/3 of the residents were of Japanese decent and about 1/3 were mixed Portuguese missionary, native Hawaiian, Somoan, ect. (the other 1/3 are mainly white newcomers). Chinese workers were brought in to work the fields, but were on the lowest rung of their societal ladder and were looked down upon by other residents.

I am not familiar with T. Chang's heritage or what island he hailed from, but I guess there have been very few Chinese QB's...but after all we are all basically Africans anyways... :rockin:

I just look at Chang as a starting QB. One that is very inexperienced at the CFL and it will show later on today.

chang is chinese-hawaiian, bigger difference than paopao, samoan are from america samoa in the south pacific. Chang's whole family is chinese, its just that they live in Hawaii.

A bit off topic, but...

Chang won't be starting for long. Not sure why he's still in the league. He's the worst QB I've watched this season.

Sorry I cannot agree there.....brutal as he has been in his two starts, it's hard for me to agree that he is worse than that McMahon stiff in Toronto......

McMahon has a 30 QB Efficiency rating, while Chang is at McMahon gets the nod there...but both are head and shoulders above A. Smith at -3, if a negative number is possible?

I can't stand ignorant, lazy sports writers. I haven't read any of those articles but, if they said pro football and not just than the CFL than uh how about ROMAN FREAKIN' GABRIEL, one of the greatest qb's of all time who happened to be filipino. His story is quite interesting, growing up in the 40's in NC he hid the fact that he was asian, instead pretending to be native american.

I remember years ago some female hockey writer wrote this article about hoe Scott Gomez was the first hispanic player in the NHL and again, I'm like uh, manny Fernandez anyone? Sheesh, lazy sportswriters. :thdn: