you are the worst fans in all of the cfl, your team beats montreal and loses by 7 to B.C and 16.000 come to the gamethe next week, thts pathetic support your team, or they should put it in nova scotia.

why don't you just shut your yap

Well said, Gades.

I wouldn't put it quit like RnR but guys and gals in the nations capital...You have a good team and exciting to watch...WHERE ARE YOU ???. If they played like the Bombers( sorry defence) I could see it.
I realize the Gliberguys burnt you once but please support your team. I have always had a soft spot for the gades...they are definitly the only Eastern team I cheer for.


What can I say... there's more to do in Ottawa than in Regina...

The weekend during summer sucks for attendance... I know 3 people around me that would rather spend their weekends at the cottage watching on Satellite and not in the stands... Blackouts are perhaps the answer. But as long as they buy the tickets, who cares if there is an ass in the seat... We make noise like there's 23000 in the stands anyways...

Thursday night against Eskies is the test... Friday is just another work day around the capital...

Well said sticks - if the attendance is below 20K on Thursday. There's a problem.

If you look at the stands clearly the empty seats come from SS lower deck and the North siders... Who are these fans? - the older "Rough Rider" fans who seem to be boycotting the gades cause they're not wearing an "R" on their helmets...

Just a thought...

well, i'm only 27 years old and have had season tickets on the SS lower deck ever since the gades came back. i'll probably have that seat for life. True the attendance is quite dissapointing, but the schedule makers didn't do us any favours with our first two home games. One on Canada Day and a Saturday night game. I'm sure we'll have over 20K on thursday, my prediction will be at least 22,000. What bugs me is jerks like this guy who calls us the worst fans in the CFL. If your team had to put up with what our team had to put up with for the past 20 plus years, it would be the same thing. If the Gades keep on playing competitive ball, then the fans will come back.

hey i take offence u shit head runnealonrun look ur talking to the wrong pepole the pepole in this forum support the team and alot of them are season ticket holders so shut the f*ck up anyways there must be nothing to do in regin cause i get to as many games as i can but i cant get to all of them people in ottawa have lives the football fans will get to some games and if the cant its because we have a life

Trust me - don't take anything RnR says seriously. This guy's just here to stir up trouble. He's been doing it all over these boards, and no one takes him seriously. He is lacking the knowledge to back up anything he says with any sort of fact. All he can come up with is "your team sucks". Who listens to that gibberish anyway? I, for one, would like to see every team up past 20,000 for attendance every night. Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen. Give your fans time - they'll come back when they realize you've got a contending team.

I agree that Ottawa this year is a team that can produce excitement and lift other teams games. Some great talent there plus a good coaching team.

knowledge? the facts are ur attnedance reecks A$$ even after they win, i love the gades but not the fans, OH WAIT there arent any

The Gades have fans. And those fans do support the team. I think everyone was a little afraid to see what kind of team Ottawa would field this year. But they've been quite a surprise in the east -- tied for first place with the Alouettes and Argos! So now that fans have a proof this team can win, maybe they'll come back to Frank Clair Stadium.

The league governors didn't help in their delays in approving the new ownership. The Gliebermans were sniffing around and expressing interest last year and the league governors waited until the eleventh hour before they finally approved the sale. I know they were hoping that other potential or local interest may have stepped forward but to wait til a month before the start of the season was ridiculous. Any type of marketing as a result wasn't started til almost the beginning of the season. I was amazed at what the team and organization managed to put together in such a short period - say that even a decent cheerleading squad was put together. The empty areas like the lower SS and North Side were typically filled in with seasons ticket holders. Don't forget that they only sold 5000 seasons tickets, mostly because people were waiting to see what happened with the ownership uncertainty.

With the team starting to win this will all be resolved very soon.

-No Marketing scheme due to a lack of ownership is the reason there are fewer peeps @ FCS.
-Summer games on holidays and weekends is not the fans or the teams fault. ITs' the CFL's fault.
-Post Grey Cup season's always see a dip in attendance.
-Any other team in the league that would have gone through what the RoughRiders and Gades have been put through would be in the same boat... IT's going to take time the Gades are only 4 years old.

I haven't been rallying my friends as in years past, but if the Gades continue to impress on the field, I won't have to. See you at Thursday's game!!!


What can I say... there's more to do in Ottawa than in Regina...

RunNealonRun isn't from Regina. He's an Eskimos fan from Alberta. Don't assume every rotten fan on here is from Sask or Regina.

Also, what did the 'Gades do to deserve two home games in 5 days? Then, there is only one home game in the month of August. The team needs the business community to step up also.

They won't get me there until

  1. Ticket prices are reasonable - right now they're overpriced.

  2. They stop playing that idiotic music after EVERY play.

  3. They switch the name to something that honors Ottawa's football tradition - what the hell has "Renegades" got to do with Ottawa?

  4. The schedule is reasonable - evening games in late September and into October? Makes no sense.

  5. They fix the sound system on the South Side.

You want to charge major league prices, then you need everything else to be major league also.

Really, your excuses are quite pitiful for not going to the games. You can get tickets for as low as $25, which i think is pretty inexpensive for a football game. Also, to go because they are called the Renegades is pretty sad as well. Do you think Hamilton fans stay away from the game because their team is called the Tiger Cats, what's a Tiger Cat have to do with Hamilton, same with BC. There isn't much they can do about the scheduling, the league takes care of that, and if you look at it, they gave Ottawa a tough start to the season. I agree with the sound system, i called about it and was told that the stadium is owned by the city, not the team, so they are responsible for it and that they are looking into it. But hey, if you need excuses to stay away from the games, don't even bother showing up because we don't want you out there.


You don't know that the name "Tiger-Cats" has EVERYTHING to do with football in Hamilton? The team has always been called that - first "Tigers", then Tiger-Cats"....same with Argos in Toronto, Alouettes in Montreal, not to mention all the teams out west.

It's called 'tradition', but I don't think you understand.

...and Ottawa's 'Renegades', whatever that name is supposed to mean, can't draw flies, and you 'don't care' whether you can draw additional fans or not?

As I said, 'brilliant'!