Ashamed to be a Rider fan at the moment

I am ashamed of the beer tossing that some of the fans partook in on the east stands.

Win or lose its a bad day to be a Rider fan when I have to watch stuff like that.

What would Ron Think???????

I agree.....
We are better than that.

the fans were upset about the non face call
it wasnt the lions fault, there playing the game

the fans actions is brutual
giving the riders a black eye


Unforgivable but we shouldn't be sorry 99% of us on this forum are smart and respectable posters and I dont believe we should have to apologize for those people what are we polititions

Part of the blame should be directed upstairs, it was a ticking time bomb before some drunken idiots tossed a full beer.

It's going to happen in any stadium given the right circumstances when you give them cans. The people that did it are still idiots but when the decision to sell beer in cans so they would be slightly colder was made they should have known the risks.

What those fans did was stupid. I see idiot fans at every game I go to. It's a very small number of people. I don't think the rest of us have any reason to apologize for them. We definitely should not be ashamed to be Rider fans.

I, too was angry at the cheap play by the B.C Lions tonight, but I don't think throwing beer at them was the way to go. BC has always been a dirty team.

The ones responsible for this disgraceful act have lost the privilege to be called fans..........

Guys do not take it hard. I have watched your fans lately and it seems like everyone is trying very hard to out do each other. Now this is an outside observation alright do not take this the wrong way. But it was a few (i won't call them football fans)drunken morons kletting the booze get in the way of fun for everyone else. Why do people have the need to go to a game (to watch it right) and get so blitzed they would do stupid things. This hurts not only the CFL image but the good fans that go there to watch the game. Do not take the action of the few to heart it was not you throwing these objects. Yes this is RW2005 stating this because I deal with stupidty at times at football games. So get past this and move on and cheer on your team. Let them weed out the morons that remove the fun from the game.

Take Care

Personally I am not taking any insults personal from any of the fans on this site. It is very obvious that prejudices are getting in the way of people's judgement, and it makes them sound kind of ignorant.

Well spoken R&W05. I don't always agree with you, but today you seem to be speaking from the heart. It's good on you.

...deep down redwhite is just a big softy.

Now guys thats not get carried away. But it is true it is becoming more and more for fans to go get drunk at games more then to watch a football game. And then those drunks do stupid things they regret and make it difficult on the reall footaball fan. Sad but true and I think each and every stadium should look at this problem because it is getting out of hand at most games.

beware fllows that in the future this will be used against you unfortunately much like the incident with tthe brown stuff on the wrong guys drive way. Really to bad. Please if in the future I use it against you remind me. Just say do not be Pil. Thanks

RW2005 is full of surprises…i may have to check out RW’s favorite site just in case he can’t restrain himself from throwing jabs our way…

I won't defend the actions of a few fans. It was disgraceful. But it happens. Congrats to 05 I guess, but I've been to a few games at Calgary where 253000 snowballs later, it is obvious fans will throw things.
And this would only occur against the Lions, who frankly like to taunt the fans, gesturing, challenging them, throwing a football into the stands---not exactly class acts themselves. Plenty of blame for this incident to go around.....

Snowballs are meant are for throwing, beer in cans are for drinking......just my opinion..

Well that many snowballs I would have to question but I am just wondering why so many stamp fans were throwing them at Arius? Thats face it throwing anything is plain stupid and actions of someone not of right mind. Its the old livestockl syndrome. One follows the other. You see it in traffic one guy drives around abarricade and there will always be others to follow. Who cares if the first guy, second guy, third guy bottoms out his car. You just follow the other guy. Just let it go and let Rider management deal with these khuckle draggers. By the way Dust please remind me in future debates not to bring up this incident will ya.

By the way for those thatmight be one of these knuckle draggers who were you aiming at Jiminez I would hope! LOL.

While I agree this was totally unacceptable and unworthy behaviour for any member of Rider Nation, I can't help but remember having beer (from a cup) poured on me and my husband by a Lions fan at the 2006 Western Final at BC Place which was already difficult enough to endure (we lost 45-18). That never made it on TV though... Jerks exist everywhere. It is unfortunate that our jerks got their jerk behaviour televised and likely they are too big of jerks to care (and too drunk to remember) how their behaviour reflected on the rest of the Rider fans.

I couldn't agree more. I remember going to Lions games a few years ago when BC Place was full of drunken yahoos (or maybe it just seemed that way with so few people in the stands :wink: )

Anyways, even though our teams are heated rivals, I'm one Lions fan who knows that a few drunken idiots are not representative of Rider fans. I hope that all Lions and Rider fans can a) acknowledge that some idiots did something dumb and b) move forward.