As usual,we wine, then hop back on for another ride, Right?

Not me this time. I am taking a hiatus for one year away from this team. Then come back in 2014 to see what Cortez has
done to this team. He's not going anywhere for awhile.
I'm tired of losing season after season and it is just getting worse.
Maybe the new stadium will cheer me up, and it will be Cortez's last year to produce.
I don't see alot of changing next year- same QB( Cortez's boy), same coaches,same upper management ,plus more rookies etc.

Because of no home games next year, I see alot more people following me. And I think Bob young is going to take a hit
in revenue next year. Maybe he will clean house I hope.

See you in 2014 . (I have followed this team since 1950 and need a break)

I'll drink to that!

Pat Lynch (the old guy with the red nose)

I'm with you. Next year is such a write-off.