As Sept., 19, 2023, why have the Lions not been guaranteed a playoff spot?

As Sept., 19, 2023, why have the Lions not been guaranteed a playoff spot yet? In the West, the Lions hold advantages over Cal., and Edm. And on the East, the Lions also hold advantages over Ottawa. That means that even if the Lions never win another game this season, their 18 points are enough for a playoff spot. So why don’t the standings reflect an X besides the Lions name?

it is possible that Calgary could end up winning a tie breaker, maybe, if Lions lose out and Calgary wins out. Last game of season could potentially decide this

If lions only win 2 more games and Ham and Mont win out, then Lions do not cross over

Actually since Ham and MOnt play one more game, I think the Lions only need two more wins to Guarantee Crossover, but more likely to make it in the west

Therefore, Lions are not mathematically guaranteed yet

Yes, tie breaker would not apply. Therefore I agree. BC should have an X and crossover irrelevant.

I was going on the premise if BC lost tie breaker with Calgary and ended up in 4th and would be looking for crossover to east. Should have checked cal and BC previous games before I spoke. Too lazy to figure it out, but I wonder is a 3 way tie is possible and could BC then lose out somehow

Probably not

they are not mathematically guaranteed yet. It is as simple as that. It makes no difference as to your personal thoughts. Math is a 100 percent certainty for accuracy. personal thoughts and wishes are just that. 2 plus 2 will always equal 4 but there are people dumb enough to disagree with that and smart enough in their thinking to be able to prove it to us