As predicted, Steinauer sought after

With 60 games played at an occaisonally “moderate” performance level. ;D

If he plays all regular season he will have 62 actually.

I think the Hickman signing will,entice him to stay

From Milton

Ticat CEO Scott Mitchell said that as of Wednesday morning no one had contacted him about Steinauer.
“But I’d be surprised if I didn’t hear something soon,” he acknowledged.

“” Mitchell told The Spectator on Wednesday that “June Jones is returning” but did not want to comment any further on anything to do with Steinauer or the rest of coaching staff.""

I hope not as head coach.


Is this Garney doing his John Coffey impression from The Green Mile ?

Pat Lynch (the big Stephen King and Frank Darabont fan)

lol . It’s Garney26’s 2nd favourite Ti-Cat , Tommy John Coffey . ;D

Oh Bobo, you are good. You are very good . I just set them up and you knock em down, like Burns and Allen, Martin and Lewis, Rowan and Martin, and my faves were Abbott and Costello.

The baseball routine is a classic comedy sketch .

Pat Lynch (the old Who’s on first guy)

Tommy Joe is my second favorite!

Right you are Pat. Who’s on First is one of my 3 all time favourite comedy routines (the others being Phonetic Punctuation by Victor Borge and the Argument Clinic by Monty Python).

To these 3 I must add one (I have a top 4)… Bob Newhart (who had some great ones) doing STOP IT. Youtube it if you’ve never seen it.

Elite even!

Yeah well it’s HIS number on MY jersey.

Yeah well it’s HIS number on MY jersey.

Just reported on the Facebook page that coach O will be back in 2019!!!

In what capacity?! Helping June as assistant?

Not sure. Didn’t say anything other than that he’ll be back

Getting June and Jerry their Prune juice and reading them a bedtime story each night .

Hamilton Tiger-Cats
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You heard it here first…

Coach O (@Coach220) will return to the #Ticats in 2019!
3:02 PM - Nov 30, 2018