As predicted, Steinauer sought after

Hate to see him go but he is unproven as a HC. This is a good succession plan, like Dickenson in Calgary. Hopefully he stays.

Scott Mitchell, your move.

The saddest thing about this Tuesday morning, Jones is still our coach. They will let Steinhauer slip through their fingers typical Ticat management boondoggle.

So we sign Manziel to trade him away. And we lure O back to the Hammer to let him slip through our fingers. ???

Agreed, it was awesome that we signed and traded Manziel away.
Are you saying it would be awesome to let OS slip through our fingers.

How anybody can take a negative position out of signing and trading Manziel is beyond me.

If Orlondo leaves we are f****d for the future of this club period !

Remember, Steinauer was on board with the Ticats this year. Did his presence in Hamilton help us win the Cup?

Good young coach, but maybe a bit overhyped?

Maybe Orlondo’s future is up to Orlondo. If he leaves at his first opportunity, he was never really “ours? to claim.

Good luck to him on his decisions, and for his future.

What Popp is looking for in a HC

He needs a HC that is also going to be the OC,
that would rule out Orlondo hopefully

he did explain what characteristics he’s looking for in a new head coach.
“It’s leadership,? Popp said without hesitation. “Being able to control a room and have a real presence. With these new (non-player salary cap) rules that are being implemented into our league and cutting staffs down, you’re going to have to have a coach that coordinates one side of the ball.?

“It’s not the most ideal situation. Because of all the new rules there’s going to be coaches on this staff that were here last year that are under contract. We’re not in a situation to let people go because it does count against the cap.?

Of last year’s coordinators, Defensive and Special Teams Coordinators Mike Archer and Kevin Eiben are under contract for this season, while Offensive Coordinator Tommy Condell is not.

I don’t think it’s ruled out at all. Even though this year’s DC (Archer) is under contract, the next HC could become the DC, with Archer demoted or reassigned. In fact, I expect Archer to be reassigned one way or another no matter who ends up as HC.

I think Trestman or Dunnigan would make a great coach if we find ourselves looking.

I don’t know if our present roster on offence really suits Trestman. I think of him as more the dink and dunk, quick release style, with infrequent deep shots that he used in Montreal and that we now see in Ottawa. Might need a revamp to the receiving corps, and go with a quick release QB?

Dunnigan was not successful in Calgary, tended to run more the Austin style, pass oriented offence. Would probably fit our receivers better, but needs a strong pass protection O-line, and a very mobile, durable QB.

“He was nominated for the Broyles Award, which honours college football’s top assistant coaches.?

Seems Steinauer did well in the States. I rather take a chance on him then another year with Jones.

Wake up management!

Orlando was brought back to Hamilton to be groomed as the HC in waiting. Cats would like to emulate the successful Calgary system of grooming and promoting within. He and his family live in southern Ontario so being the Cats eventual HC was a perfect fit. The only wrinkle is that Toronto unexpectedly fired Trestman, thus creating an opening that will make them pursue Orlando. I would think the options are that Orlando stays put, while Jones does one more year, then Orlando has the team, with another year under his belt. Or, Orlando may give the Cats notice that he either gets the Cats job or goes down the highway to Toronto, or Jones may just decide to step aside and allow Orlando to step in, with Jones retiring or staying on as a consultant assistant coach or co coach. I do not think BC is a realistic option. Also, a wild card is what kind of relationship did Orlando have with Condell? Condell is in Toronto but does not have a contract. Would Orlando want Condell to come back to Hamilton, or is Condell the magnet to attract Collaros to Toronto? Likely know all within two weeks

JJ should stay as OC but step aside to let Orlondo handle the sidelines.

I wonder if Jeremiah has considered coaching? He could be a great OC with all his experience!

Hey Smokey :), Orlando is in Florida, while Orlondo is in Hamilton.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Maybe in 10 years after his playing career is over.

If trends continue, by around next April G26 will have JM listed as a 15-year veteran.