As per Rider Radio Show: Miller to resign from Riders at end

they were having their usual Rider Radio show today and the word came out that Ken Miller is going to step down from the Riders organization and retire once the season is over.

no Coaching, No Director of Football Operations, Nothing!.

he's apparently had enough and wants out before they fire him. (well he didn't say that exactly) but you know it would have happened.

so this means one of two things

A: Taman will now be in complete control, no more Miller to over rule his decisions.

B: Hopson only has to fire Taman and his job will be easier.

My guess is if Miller is gone, then Taman stays. If there is a repeat in 2012 of 2011, then Taman and Hopson are gone.

I hope you are wrong. Taman staying would mean another lost season.

I hope I'm wrong too, as I agree with you. But at this time this is what my gut is telling me. Course, that may be the sick feeling if had for most of this season, which I'm still try to digest. Aint going down too well right now. :x

So if this is Millers last game ever in Regina as a HC, will this team play their butts off for a win? You'd think so right? If they still lose this game though than it just shows how weak they are.... :cry:

If we finish last overall, we get first round draft pick, and hopefully get that UofS Olineman every is talking about. Okay throw the game Ridrs, as they draft pick maybe a stand out with this organization for the next 18 years!!!

He is likely sick of the bashing. He is viewed as a saviour, steps down as hc, is begged to come bac, wins a few and again is the saviour. Now he is losing and most want to see him hung out. I was never the hugest miller fan, but i cant blame him.

Taman isn’t staying. Time to clean house, top to bottom.

I think you are referring to Ben Heenan, and I believe he was ranked first overall in CIS rankings. Probably well worth being last overall since we badly need quality O-linemen.

That's the guy. Considering how long those Huskies on the Oline tend to last with the Riders, he would be around for a long time. They say he is better than Makowsky and Aldag. That's someone i want on our team!

A buck seventy-three says Hall is HC next year.

Not saying i agree with it, just saying.

You know, that one never even crossed my mind before. At the end of the day, if that were to happen, I would be O.K. with it. This team is obviously a group that wants things their way, with continuity in coaching styles and familiarity with whatever is going to happen. If that's what Riders are working with, give them what they need to make them go 110%. Obviously, bringing in someone from the outside, with all their new expectations, isn't going to get these guys to buy in. Hall has experience in the position, and really, who else is there, other than the Dickensons and other co-ordinators who would probably not be all that interested when they realize that Taman is still the G.M., which i am sure he will be. I would be very surprised if Hopson doesn't let Taman finish his contract, now that Miller seems to be out of the way. If they do get rid of Taman, then all bets are off on the Hall as H.C. thing. If Taman stays, I would bet Hall will be the man.

if Hall is the HC, we're doomed.

we need to get rid of everyone. the only coach I think that deserves to stay is Dickenson.

If Taman is still employed by the Riders in ANY capacity on December 1st I will be EXTREMELY PISSED OFF!!! :x

No! No! No! If that would happen I would consider giving up my seasons tickets. I’ve been with the Riders through thick and thin but that would be too much. Surely we don’t have to keep recycling these has been coaches and brag about how much coaching experience we have on staff. Lotta good it did us this year. We need fresh faces and fresh ideas to turn this team around.

I think Miller has had enough of football in his life and wishes to settle down in his twighlight years.
The man's been at the gridiron game in a coaching capacity for 45 years now which is quite the career.

all the best to the man.

And don't forget what he has done with this organization. :thup:

I still like and respect Miller. He was a good coach who had the respect of all the players that have played for him. I don't know what changed this year, but I do not put it on Miller or Marshall. I understand the firing of Marshall, although I wish we didn't do it. They wanted to get a spark to an under preforming team, and it worked, but only for a couple games. This season is on the players, the coaches can only prepare them for the game, they cannot execute. Maybe the problem was just poor preparation, but I think it was mostly just lack of execution. Miller will always have my respect, but he does need to step down as coach and enjoy his life! I do wish we could keep him on staff, maybe not with so much power, but something so that the man is still with out organization.

As for Hall being a possible head coach, I say why not, yes he didn't do great with EE, but I think he would might be able to take this team. Again this year I don't think it was lack of preparation or bad formations, it was mostly just bad tackling! That is not on Hall! How many times did we have guys in the back field and the running back blew through an arm tackle and took it for a big gain! And our pass rush is terrible, but the coach has to work with what he has, which isn't much!

I like Hall, but based on his time with EE, I don't want to see his career end on a sore note which it would if he has a losing season as Rider HC.

Yes, this is all very tricky.

If Miller takes retirement, which at this stage in life I can easily see as an option for Ken, then I cannot see how Hopson can't clean house and everyone goes.

If Miller moves on.........I'm not sure Taman gets the promo to GM with the job of hiring a HC? I've thought about this alot and if Ken leaves I only see the remaining dominos falling down as well! I can't see any way that Taman is left to rebuild this thing.

Richie Hall as HC. Not sure. I guess if Hopson allows Ken to leave and promotes Taman, who in turn hires Richie............then the earlier poster is 100% right............if things go south in 2012 then Hopson and all are cleaned out and the club is at a really low level.

You can twist this 100 is very tricky. It is very important what they do next? I don't have the answers either.

It will be official after today's practise. He is going to not only step down from coaching but also from Director of Football Operations.