As per Popp, Porter ad a great first day !

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Encouraging news about Porter, considering Green's release. Nice to see one of the ex-NFLers getting off to a good start. But all that said, I take Popp's comments with a grain of salt. He can be as enthusiastic as he wants, but it's Trestman and Milanovich who will make the cuts and whose opinions of TC performance really matter.

I do love the bigger receiving corps we've assembled. Wasn't too long ago that our starting four was composed of Watkins, Vaughn, Cahoon, and Stala -- not exactly giants. We've come a long way in the size department.

As per Radio Canada, Porter appears to have suffered a serious achilles tendon injury while making a cut.

We have not been lucky with the ex-NFLers.

smooth and a well coached WR!!

Il est capoT.