As Much As I Hate to Say It: Argos Got Hosed

There is NO WAY Esks should have scored that touuchdown on the last play of the first half.

Shell gets called for PI in the end zone with 5 seconds left...Esks ball on the 1.

First play: Joseph sneaks, fumbles and scramble for the ball...Argos called for off-side, so even if clock runs down, there is going to be another play.

Second play: Joseph sneaks, stopped...according to clock, whistle blows with 1.5 seconds left...Argos leave, etc., etc.

Third play: Joseph scores...

Three RUNNING plays in 5 seconds? Something was fishy, especially with the fumble on play 1.

It's the Argos, they deserved it. :smiley:

Argos got hosed in more ways then one. Two questionable pass interference calls giving Edmonton the ball in scoring position. Esks did nothing. The Refs did it all.

Well there's always the 2nd game in Toronto (Oct. 21st vs Eskies) to look forward to, until then Higgins has lots of time to go over things (room for improvement) with his crew. But in essence; it's all irrelevant now. :cowboy: