As long as the caretaker is in charge......

I'll renew my three season tickets ever year as long as Bob owns this team.
Yeah, he made some questionable moves, but he's totally focused on what he wants to obtain for this franchise. Most successful people aren't afraid of failure, but they learn from their mistakes....that's the key.
Hat's off to the caretaker, as long as he sticks with us we have to believe and stick with him.

feeling good about the best owner in the league :cowboy:

Nice post. I share your sentiments. I believe in him.

He’s probably bailing out a flooded basement right about now in North Carolina…


Funny thing Captain, as I was sitting there watching that embarrassment last week, I wasn't upset as some of the others around me.
It was because I believe the caretaker will do whatever it takes to turn this franchise around. I think most fans, upset as they were.......deep down they also believe in this owner. :cowboy:

I Agree 100% about the Caretaker sticking here and getting it right. Don't let me down Bob!