As If He Never Left: Harris dominates in return

WINNIPEG — He hadn’t seen the field for game action in almost two months. It didn’t seem to matter for Andrew Harris.

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Was it ever in doubt?

Bombers with the W is as predictable as cold winters in the prairies

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Andrew Harris will go down in CFL history as the best running back to ever play the game. His standout performance at home in the West Final versus the Riders was a thing of beauty. He carried the mail 23 times for 136 rushing yards including a major. How often do you see a running back represent 60% of a teams "Total Offense" :astonished: :question: The irony is Andrew has put up these numbers throughout his entire 11 year career :star_struck: :100: :gem: :football: :canada:


Like we've said many times, he just shows up in big games. I cannot believe how many doubt him. Haters gonna hate I guess.
Loved the halftime interview with Sara O, where she asks him about how much more can he carry the team...he hits the tops of his shoulder pads and says "get on & lets go!".


The crying is deafening coming from the Rider Fan Forum. AH33 did what he does best and once again quieted Rider Nation. It's a short celebration though, time to move onto the Cats.


I have to say he is dominant when he is on .

Pringle was great no doubt ; but Harris seems to fire up the troops .


Why was Harris listed as a game-time decision when he can carry the team to a win?

We have ridiculous Canadian depth at running back. There was no need to rush Harris back into the lineup. I think they wanted to make sure he'd be 100% for the Cup. Starting him for the Final turned out to be a stroke of genius... or luck.

Who cares?

You realize you just put down Sundown?

Sorry. :laughing:

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Come again?

Hmmm. It sounded hilarious late last night. :thinking: