As I gaze into my crystal ball, in 2009 I see...............

Porter starting at QB

Printers playing for another team

Kenton Keith starting at RB

Lumsden playing for another team

can you lend that ball to obie for a while, at least for the draft?

ummmmm...... crystal?

I agree with all of those predictions. I think that's exactly where the Cats are headed.

My crystal ball is still a bit cloudy but I think it's telling me the same as yours.
Its not saying who the coach will be though.

I can see 2 new offensive tackles, 1 new cornerback, Miles wearing another jersey or taking a pay cut.

...Better times ahead for Tigertown. :thup:

No sense in crying over "what could have been".

We have solid ownership and people who know what they are doing to build a winner. We are not "standing pat".

O'Bie and Mitchell know what they are doing and are trying to get the best for our team. Some times things don't work out the way we want AND...we have had some bad luck.

Get out and support the's the only way we will turn this around! :thup:

Tony Miles will not be on the team in 09. He was a major bust this year. He's half the player he used to be. Remember when he used to be a deep threat? Not any more.

AMEN to that!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Casey is such a big star, hes a one man team, the team wants to look at a QB that can utilize his hole team, a pocket passer, that can run for his life if he has to. :slight_smile:

We'll learn a lot about Printers in the offseason.... if they offer him a pay cut to say the 300k range, he could still take it because he isnt going to get that anywhere else.

If he takes it and sticks around he gains a lot of respect back from the fans and perhaps even his teammates.

i dont get why people think printers wont be here next year. after watching porter last week and williams earlier in the year do you not get that the qb isnt the issue. its the line infrom of him.

I can see the Ticats resigning Lumsden, and Building the O and D lines, via trade and draft and free agents, and the the Ticats will win the G C!!!

Crystal Balls really s***.

Back in the early spring, when hope springs eternal, people around here were predicting 10-12-even a 15 win season for the cats. Some were predicting MOP for Casy, MOC for Jesse and all kinds of nices things for the Cats. The Als were everbody's choice for last. Looking back at these threads now, its almost funny how wrong most of us were....

What went wrong?

Who would have thought that former MOP and self proclaimed savior of the franchise, Casey Printers, would enter week 15 as the lowest rated starting QB in the league with more than double the INTS than TDs ?

Who would have thought that Jesse would have missed so many games due to injury...oh wait everyone would have thought that...thank God for Caulley.

Who would of thought that another so called savior, Obie, would sit on his hands while surrounding Casey, Richie and anyone else who plays QB with the worst O Line in the league. 55 sacks given up!!!! And this is with Printers and Williams back there...two guys who are pretty Danny Macs! To cap it off, the receiving corp started the year as the weakest in the league, and into week 15 it still is. Release Casey...maybe but I'll take him anyday on a team that will surround him with talent. Same with the defense, unless the Cats can find a way to improve the D line, we will never know how good or bad the secondary is.

All that being said,......... unless Obie and the Cat brass improve both lines, find a couple of receivers who can strike fear into the hearts of Dbs, get rid of non producing "big names" (Jesse, NML, Woodcock, Miles) My crystal ball predicts another long season in Tigertown.


als4ever( its hard for me to type that :stuck_out_tongue: ):

Great summary of where we are at. :thup:

If I knew how to change it, I would switch to Als&Cats4ever :smiley:

I predict the Cats will be 3rd next season mostly because the Argos are headed South fast. I wouldn't be surprised if the starting QB is not even on the roster at the moment even though they may keep Porter and Williams as backups--Printers is gone I think. Lumsden is iffy, not just resigning him but overcoming what is beginning to look like a chronic shoulder problem. Without him, it's a different offence even with Keith, Caulley and Smith. Every receiver can be replaced--except for Bauman who has shown flashes, the rest are average on their best days. Both lines could use upgrades--they can't protect the QB and they can't get to opposing QBs. The LBs are ok but none standout. The DBs are inconsistent--they're capable of making some great plays but then they get beat badly, especially deep. Kicking is better than average.

I think Obie should be under a microscope this off-season. I don't think he can trade to get better--he doesn't have the assets that other teams want. His only option is to scout for better players and go after free agents. The 2008 CIS draft won't pay dividends for 2-3 years if ever. Overall, I'm not optimistic about huge improvements for the team. Still, I think the Argos will be even worse.

An Argo-Cat fan

The Cats will continue to be BAD.
The players have no heart and don't want to win.
Winners know how to win........stop making excuses for the players and stop blaming everyone else.


When a player has proven his ability by rising
through the ranks to become a pro football player

and somebody smashes him in the mouth on game day,

whether you say they have, or do not have, heart

win or lose they fight damn hard to get even, catattack.

If some of them are not good enough
the coaches will weed them out in time.

Some players in the NFL with several million dollars in the bank
after a few years may not have the same incentive of to work hard

Saying their hearts aren't into it is one thing but to say that about
low paid, wide-eyed young Ticats players doesn't make sense, IMHO.