Wow i couldn't believe sitting there the other night listening to the fans shoot this guy down. Lest we forget theres a O.C calling the plays into him and 11 other guys that need to help him do his job.
As fans we need to back off on him he;s young he's still learning and PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!!!!!!

He not young he 28 years old that old or a Rookie QB
The Fans on 5th Quater had every right to say what Did
if he can't take the heat get out of Kitchen..

QB is Highest Profile spot on a Football Team
Your going to get People who don't like you when play like that
Your going to have people Fawn on you when you play well

Porter had 1 good game vs Montreal last year
The Rest have been a Fluke..

Porter's a good QB, just not yet ready to be a regular starter. Like Calvillo in his early years, he needs some mentoring (except Calvillo went to Montreal to get his mentoring with Tracy Ham)

Finally Someone who get it..

The Rest have been a Fluke..

No way... Porter played well enough to win the games that he did. Just go back to the Stamps game, nice recovery.

Quinton locks into one receiver too much and telegraphs his intentions. Common mistake for a relatively new guy who is looking for his comfort zone.

I agree that we need a little patience here... Quinton has the tools and just needs more experience.

Porter's mom is right were being too hard on him. :roll:

Jesus, if the pressure is getting to him he'll never be any good. There's a lot of pressure in football you have to get used to it and rise to it not ignore it or let it get to you, when Porter realizes this he'll play better.

But not great cause he got no arm. :wink: 8)

Yeah, we could show some patience and support the guy as he develops.

Or, alternatively, we could roast him incessantly and run him out of town like Tom Clements. That worked well; he won a Grey Cup a year later--- for Winnipeg.

The win against BC in BC was a fluke? The rematch win at IWS? The win against Edmonton at IWS?

I won’t discuss the second half against Calgary.

It IS a fluke when folks here do not engage in revisionism.

Porter has struggled at times this season AS HAS GLENN. When Glenn is hot, I do believe he is our best performer at QB. Guess what? He’s not always hot! He hasn’t pulled out game after game in relief…he was ineffective against Toronto in Toronto for the majority of that contest.

Does Glenn give us the best chance to win? Perhaps. That’s not a ringing endorsement, but for a 6-6 team, that’s all you get. :wink:

The pattern for this team has been established, I believe. We have been successful in the main with Porter starting and Glenn coming in when Porter struggles in the main. I have NO problems with Kevin starting. All I know is that when we needed for the entire team to step up against the Als, neither of our main QBs could keep up with Calvillo and company. Until we have a franchise QB in tow, it’s going to be a tandem in practice to get the job done if at all, IMHO.

We need a greater commitment to a balanced attack with better run plays (counters, traps, not draws up a guard’s arse), revamping of how the team uses pre-snap motion in the passing game, and some originality in ATTACKING the opposing defence. Far too often it’s applying the gas and the brake simultaneously. That goes to Gibson, his game planning, and by extension, Marcel. We have to be better to compete in November.

Oski Wee Wee,


Well then for Porter’s own sake,

Get outta here!!

I'll give you this much, you've got guts. (Certainly more guts than class.) Hanging around at practices, adding players to your Facebook ... and then taking unnecessary cheap shots at them in a public forum. Some people would rather remain anonymous.

Thank you finally someone had the guts to say it Montreal was a fluke and he is not young wow by the time he develops he will be 30 with like 5 good years not even in him. Every single game he has won this year has been owed to someone else on the team, he is absolutely no more then a back up.

If I was QP, I d want the hell out of this town and just like AC has said in the past he will tell anyone who would listen that Hamilton has the worst fans anywhere.

If anyone bothered to really look at the 14 or so plays Porter ran on friday they'd see his mistakes were few and this really was a 100 % team stinker.

I ve read that Montreal blitzed us all night, well fact is 5 of 6 sacks were our 5 or 6 against there 4, only once did they blitz a fifth man. We couldnt stop them so whos fault is that?

With what was yelled at Porter friday night. I hope he just considered the source,

1st Porter not on my Facebook 1st off
2nd He is over rated
3rd I am intitled to how feel about Mr Porter .
4th I never take my Personal Feeling to Practices and express them to players .
That would be crossing a line . That it was here and my Blog are for.

Finally Ticats Players and Former Players who are on my FB understand my Passion
They Expect me to be me .
There Friends off the field as well.
Yes Sometimes I can be harsh but I don’t believe in Politically Correct like Rest of you
I Call em how I see em

He fumbles with the ball a lot, locks onto a receiver and see's nothing else but him so god help him if that guy's covered, floats hitches and WR screens and throws a 6 second deep ball. Yes the whole team stunk but the player who's leading the whole team, the player who has the most direct influence on the outcome of the game had the most flaws and it was Porter.

This franchise has a terrible history in developing QBs over the last thirty years -- with Kerrigan being the singular exception of a QB that was allowed to "develop" at the position (supplanting Ken Hobart).

The best coach is the one who doesn't listen to liquored bints in Row 3 screaming for the backup on the fifth play from scrimmage. Sazio stones. Al Bruno calm.

Personally, I can hardly wait for the day when the fan abuse over the Cats' bench has to travel over a stadium track. A heated moat with crocodiles, an electrical fence, and 150 decibels of Jason Farr describing the leftover he lanced for dinner ought to be the cherry.

That would at least level the playing field for the home locker room. Demanding fans? More power to them! MOST FANS GET IT, SUPPORTING THEIR TEAM, EVEN WHEN FRUSTRATED!

Ranting perfectionist buffoons -- the casual attention-deficited fans? Not so much.


You, sir, win first prize.

Anyone who knows my Alouettes knows that we actually don't blitz very often under Tim Burke. Usually, it's four-man pressure, with a linebacker mixed in on a stunt every so often. Occasionally, you'll see blitz, but it ain't the norm, and certainly not how we were defending Hamilton last week. When four-man pressure beats an O-line plus a blocking tight end, it's just cruel to blame the QB. I don't care who you have back there; if he's seeing an enemy jersey in his face 1.5 seconds after the snap, he will not be terribly effective.

Truth hurts. LOL

Porter. Glenn. Tafralis. Flattened. From the opening bell until the girth-abundant female operatic talent sang.

Oski Wee Wee,


Forget about the montreal game. Everything I stated is about what I've seen from Porter in his whole short career, he hasn't been very impressive and the same problems come up each week no matter who he plays against.

Then how come you can't take any criticism on Glenn?

let porter develope with glenn... if porter has a bad game then start kevin... if anything rotating makes them both better, if porter continues the iffy (not poor by any stretch looking at my bombers season at qb) play then go with glenn, he has experience and will be about average on even a bad day...

but if you decide to chase qp out with pitchforks please point him west, we'l be waiting in wpg with open arms :wink: