As cool as it would be..

To actually sweep the playoffs and go to the Grey Cup, I have to honestly say..

Well, we'll have Montreal to answer to.

And being that Montreal is probably the best team in the league - I fear that we might get our heads handed to us.

I mean, yeah - we're good and everything. But we have a lot of problems, where as Montreal is a solid team.

If we went to the Grey Cup I can only imagine we would suffer an embarrassing loss.

If Montreal chokes though and we do win, I'll eat my dog.

that has been my feelings to but this is the cfl who knows maybe montreal will choke and we will have a rider peg rematch lol

Remember which mighty mighty team fell in last years grey cup guys!!!

Don't put your dog through that, that's unfair. Just say you'll eat your hat or something. In one game, anything can happen, especially seeing the choke fest that often happens to Montreal (two weeks ago, they got spanked by Winnipeg for God's sake).

good luck to the riders against cowtown this weekend , hope the mighty green & white slap them silly......... although the outcome doesnt affect my EE team at all i will really enjoy watching baggs ' bagg , chick, durant & the rest of what i have to admit is a very very good team , kick the cow patties outta the ever so arrogant , cocky stamps ....... not looking forward to playing against the riders , even though we played well against them this year... the biggest mistake any of the teams that may face either the riders or the evil empire could make over the next 3 weeks is to underestimate either of these teams , give DD or RR too much room or time to throw & they will destroy any defence.......... have a great weekend riders & rider fans....... i know the EE fans are gonna enjoy it!!! :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Montreal is one or two injuries away from being an average team, like every other team in the CFL.

Here's my thoughts......

Week 16
Sun Oct 18 Hamilton 38 Montreal 41 02:00 PM 20,202

Week 17
Sat Oct 24 Montreal 24 Winnipeg 41 02:30 PM 21,378

(save the calvillo injury comment, i know, my point is - they CAN be beat.....pressure cooker calvillo)

I truley believe the Riders can beat Montreal if they meet in the big game, it would be a great game, lets cross our fingers :slight_smile: