As Calgary grows....

...the City is looking at higher density areas to deter urban of the planning intiatives is to create high density residential zones around the current LRT lines....the first areas to be consider in this zoning revision are the LRT stations Brentwood, Banff Trail and Lion's Park.... you're probably asking yourself "so what R&W, what the heck does this have to do with the CFL?....well, behold, this is what will happen around McMahon within the next decade to two.... the area affectionately known as 'Motel Village' the white models are existing buildings that will remain, the blue models are proposed density/massing studies....the parking lot east of McMahon and the training feild south of the stadium are proposed zones of development...

They are going to build a giant glue factory?

...indeed, apparently Lepage paid big bucks to erect that 150' tower....

...I am also not sure the residents south of 16th avenue are going to appreciate that tower podium resting on their rooftops...

Actually its a interesting pic.
If the blue building are new, its a lot more wide open than I would have thought

Does this have any connection to the Blue Man Group?
All kidding aside, any talk about the state of the stadium(expansion) or perhaps a new one?

Isn't Calgary the largest North American city by area? It may explain why they are planning for the high density residential zones.

May help Stamps attendance :slight_smile: Lots of folk nearby.

OTOH, Mark, if some of those folks have a clear view of the field, they cant watch a live game from the comfort of their own apartment. I think the city planners should be careful of where they locate some of those highrises.

you dont see stuff like that in Winnipeg.
They do plan on putting 20 new traffic lights and red light cameras around our Stadium because they feel that Winnipegs average speed of 13.5km/hour is to fast.
They are talking about building a 1 story store just east of the stadium.

All kidding asside, I think that would be great for Clagray, the high rises I mean. I think Cities like Calgary need to do that because of that aforementioned large size of the city. I would also like to see my city of Saskatoon start doing this a bit, we are growing fast outwards,Urban sprawl is just ugly, all the big boxes and such.

It’s university land though isn’t it. Has it been re-zoned for commercial since I left in 2006 or???


...I am also not sure the residents south of 16th avenue are going to appreciate that tower podium resting on their rooftops..

In some cities there are laws against that.

PS - Looks like the model maker forgot to use some of that LePage's.

Whe the Stamps were owned by the F Troop gang, there was talk of expanding McMahon by several thousand seats.
Anything since then?

I know last season one of the owners was on the radio and suggested they might be in favor of REDUCING the capacity of the stadium to 25,000.

I sure hope they dont build on that east parking lot. Thats a quality tailgating area.

I dont like the idea of building on that south field either.

Thats a beautiful field and great training camp and practise viewing.

That's why sports stadiums are best within the confines of a city rather than in some field out of the city in no where land, in the end it's great where the stadium is part of a village type thing in the city. Interesting in Calgary.

Everytime I see the title of this thread I think of that 630 CHED commercial that plays during Oiler telecasts...


LOL Winnipeg is such a slow city, a ten speed past me today while I was driving.

No Calgary is not the biggest city by area.

Ottawa is a bigger city by area: Ottawa: 5,318.36 km²
Calgary: 5,107.43 km²